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Easter Number of the Day | Easter Math Lesson


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Keep your students excited about numbers with this awesome math lesson! These Easter Number of the Day templates have been designed to engage your students in learning all about numbers and how the number system works. We have also included a fun Easter Egg Hunt element for students to play.

They have been created so you can use them with any number up to 5-digits and beyond.

Templates are versatile to allow students to work on different-sized numbers at the same time (providing a simple way for you to differentiate). Each page includes a range of appropriate number sense skills to help develop competent and confident mathematicians in your classroom.

We have included a range of different number skills expected according to the Common Core Standards and Australian ACARA outcomes.

Resource Inclusions:

  • Editable Easter eggs (use for your number egg hunt)
  • 2-digit number template
  • 3-digit number template
  • 4-digit number template
  • 5-digit number template
  • Any size number template
  • Editable Number of the Day egg
  • Decorative Easter egg clipart (if you want to make a flap)

Other ways to use these Easter Number of the Day Templates:

There are so many ways you can use these templates in your classroom or homeschool. They are an ideal assessment, lesson warmup, Easter themed math rotation task or revision lesson.

They also provide an effortless way to differentiate for your students who are working with different sized numbers or working to master different number sense skills.

These templates are also an authentic opportunity to integrate student choice into your mathematics lessons, with students working on numbers of their choice.

How the Number Easter Egg hunt lesson works:

Use the editable egg cards to write numbers at the level your students are working at.

Hide them around the room when they are out on a break.

When they arrive back, give them each a Number of the day template and ask them to look for an egg. The egg they find is the number they use to complete their number of the day.

This Easter Number of the Day lesson could easily be repeated throughout the week because it is so much fun! You could also reuse your eggs to create a number line, greater than / less than number sentences or use them to put on display with your students work!


If you creatively use this resource, we would love to hear about it so we can share it with our Rainbow Sky community.


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⭐️ “Fun learning activities for kids!” Cheryl

⭐️ “Easy to use and a great discussion prompt” Melinda

⭐️ “These were a huge hit. Great for revision too!” Therese O

⭐️ “My kids went nuts for this one! We’ve been using Rainbow Sky Creation’s number of the day templates all throughout the year but this one has been the kid’s favourite. Highly recommended!!!” Elizabeth B


We hope you and your students enjoy using this resource!

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Year 1 – 2, Year 3 – 4


Numbers, Place Value

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