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To support students learning in maths, provide them with access to these tools.

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Simple strategies to incorporate into maths lessons to create student success resulting in better engagement.
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Fun and engaging games, that your students will love, to build fluency with multiplication facts.

FREE Resource!

Here’s a quick and easy maths activity you can use all-year-round as a warm-up, small group task, assessment or quick time-filler in the day.

Tips for planning your Maths lessons.

Tip 1

Incorporate games into your maths lessons. Use them as a warm-up, in maths groups or to wrap-up a lesson.

Tip 2

Use maths activities and games on repeat in the year. Familiarity helps fluency development + builds learners’ confidence.

Tip 3

Try allocating the first 10 minutes of your lesson to explicit instruction and get students involved with mini-whiteboards.

Tip 4

Try including more hands-on learning in lessons to encourage more mathematical reasoning, problem-solving and engagement.