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Easter Multiplication & Division Egg Hunt | Easter Math Lesson


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Keep your students excited about working on their multiplication & division facts with this awesome Easter math lesson! It is a fun way to work on these facts and your students are guaranteed to enjoy it (especially the Easter egg hunt element).

Find a Doubles and Near doubles version here.


We have included 4 different versions of this activity to suit the learners in your classroom. All four can be used simultaneously (or you could spread them over 3-4 different lessons).

Eggs have been colour coded to assist in making differentiation easy for you.

How the Number Easter Egg hunt lesson works:

Decide what multiplication / division facts your students will be working on. Print the eggs and hide them around the room when they are out on a break. Alternatively, if the students are working in groups, you could ask them to hide another groups eggs.

When your students arrive back, give them each a recording template to match the facts they are looking for and ask them to look for an egg. When they find an egg, they answer the question and cross it off on their recording sheet. The aim is to get all their answers marked off.

This lesson could easily be repeated throughout the week because it is so much fun!

Resource Inclusions:

  • x2, x5, x10 eggs (green/blue)
  • x2, x5, x10 answer sheet
  • x3, x6, x9 eggs (pink/yellow)
  • x3, x6, x9 answer sheet
  • x4, x7, x8 eggs (yellow/green)
  • x4, x7, x8 answer sheet
  • Division eggs (mixed)
  • Division answer sheet

Other ways to use these Easter Math lesson templates:

You can use these templates in your classroom or home school in many ways. They are a fun lesson warmup, Easter-themed math rotation task or revision lessons. They also provide an effortless way to differentiate for your students who are working on mastering different number facts.

Once students have completed one lesson, they may even want to create their own hunt.

If you creatively use this resource, we would love to hear about it so we can share it with our Rainbow Sky community.


We hope you and your students enjoy using this resource!

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