About Us

Hi! We are Ashleigh and
Alisha, the duo behind
Rainbow Sky Creations.

Back in 2011, we met overseas whilst teaching in Dubai at an International school. We instantly bonded over a love for travel, a willingness to try new things and any excuse to bury our heads in a good book.
Five years later, we were living in the same city (Sydney, Australia) and decided to give back to the teaching community. So we created Rainbow Sky Creations.

  • We are passionate about supporting and empowering new teachers.
  • We know time is precious, and we want to give you (amazing educator) more of your time back with simple, easy-to-implement strategies.
  • We strive to create purposeful, engaging, hands-on resources you can use over and over again with your students.

Here you will find resources, digital courses, workshops and membership options PLUS so many (it’s hard to keep track of) helpful strategies to get you working smarter, not harder.

We’re here to help you!


I have always wanted to be a teacher! So, there were no surprises when my chosen path of study was education. I’m the ‘Type A’ organised one of the team who loves product creation, writing the weekly blog posts, and keeping everything ticking on social media. When I’m not cheering on and supporting the teaching community, you’ll find me being mumma to Monte, Elka, and Quincey.


I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up! I just knew I needed variety and to be around people. So, after studying design, a short stint teaching kids photography and travelling the globe, I landed back at Uni studying education. I’m the ‘Type B’ go-with-the-flow team member who keeps all the technical ‘stuff’ running behind the scenes. When I’m not getting inspired with a new RSC project, you’ll find me being mum to Lena and Olive.