About Us

Hi! We are Alisha and
Ashleigh - 2 Aussie teachers,
and the duo behind
Rainbow Sky Creations.
Aussie teachers and new teacher mentors

If you are looking for easy planning ideas for teachers, a place where fun learning is celebrated or a new teacher mentor – you are in the right place.

We are two Aussie teachers sharing everything we know and love about education.

Our story and friendship started back in 2011. We met overseas whilst teaching in Dubai at an International school. We instantly bonded over a love for travel, a willingness to try new things and any excuse to bury our heads in a good book.

Five years later, we were back in Australia (Ash in Sydney, Alisha in Perth) and decided to give back to the teaching community – Rainbow Sky Creations was born.

Fast-forward to today, and our Ying and Yang approach to helping teachers has spread far and wide. We are proud to be chosen New Teacher Mentors for educators worldwide and love seeing our resources in classrooms around the world.

How can we help you?

New Teacher Mentors

Looking for a New Teacher Mentor? We are passionate about supporting and empowering new teachers.

We know (and remember) that being a beginning teacher is not easy – there is just so much to juggle.

We share many tips and tricks on how to have the most successful first year of teaching ever here! Plus have have helped hundreds of teachers inside our membership, Transform Your First Years. Our special community where we mentor and guide teachers with and question or problem they may be facing.

Easy Planning for Teachers

Ready for easy planning ideas? We create purposeful, engaging, hands-on resources you can repeatedly use with your students. We are all about helping you implement fun lessons that don’t take forever to plan.

Time-saving tips


We have never met a teacher who didn’t feel time-poor.

We know time is a precious commodity, and we want to give you more of it back with simple, easy-to-implement strategies. We are talking time-saving tips for the classroom, to help with planning, and for your life outside of school.

Aussie teachers and content

Want Australian-aligned content for your classroom? We are Aussie Teachers who are dedicated to helping our Aussie kids get quality resources, too.


Our corner of the internet helps our fellow Aussie Teachers and other educators globally to find easy-to-plan resources that are fun, rigorous and engaging.


Over the years, we have built an amazing community of like-minded and dedicated teachers. We support them through our unique resources, carefully curated blog, popular podcast, and many social media platforms. If you want more of a sneak peek behind the scenes, come on over and join us on Instagram @rainbowskycreations.


Stick with us, and together, we will get you working smarter, not harder (one of our favourite mottos here at Rainbow Sky HQ).Rainbows ahead,

Ashleigh and Alisha 🌈




Check out Ashleigh’s favourite resource here: Free Number of the Day

Check out Alisha’s favourite resource here: Advice for New Teachers

Aussie teachers and new teacher mentors


I have always wanted to be a teacher! So, there were no surprises when my chosen path of study was education. I’m the ‘Type A’ organised one of the team who loves product creation, writing the weekly blog posts, and keeping everything ticking on social media. When I’m not cheering on and supporting the teaching community, you’ll find me being mumma to Monte, Elka, and Quincey.
Aussie teachers and new teacher mentors


I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up! I just knew I needed variety and to be around people. So, after studying design, a short stint teaching kids photography and travelling the globe, I landed back at Uni studying education. I’m the ‘Type B’ go-with-the-flow team member who keeps all the technical ‘stuff’ running behind the scenes. When I’m not getting inspired with a new RSC project, you’ll find me being mum to Lena and Olive.