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Hands-on Place Value Activities | Number Sense Math Centres 1st Grade


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This comprehensive resource is designed to provide you and your students with hands-on, differentiated activities to build place value and number skills, as well as reflection activities and open-ended problem-solving tasks suitable for Grade 1.


Also available for the following grades:

Grade 2 Hands-on Number Pack

Grade 3+4 Hands-on Number Pack


Tasks have been carefully created to meet the Common Core Standards and Australian curriculum outcomes for this grade level and will build proficiency, fluency, and confidence in allowing students to practice and develop their number skills. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on their success in other math strands and overall enjoyment for mathematics.

How this Pack Works:

Each activity has a task card that can be used by the teacher, parent helper or read by the students themselves (2 versions of each task card is included: an A4 poster and an A5 version that can be folded in half to create a standing sign). On every A4 poster, there is a list of resources needed for the task. Activities can be used and differentiated for the whole class, used as components of numeracy rotations or intervention activities in small groups to support or extend students.

We have also included 2 pages for teachers to use as a guide to differentiating each task to cater for the individual learners in your classroom.

Also available our Grade 1 All About Number – Exit Tickets

Skills covered:

  • Odd and even
  • Reading and recording 2 digit numbers
  • Place value
  • Numbers before and after
  • Counting from any given 2-digit number
  • Ordering Numbers
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Partitioning numbers in standard and non-standard form
  • Number lines
  • Recording numbers in words
  • Rounding to the nearest 10

Common Core Standards covered:

NBT.1.1, NBT.1.2, NBT.1.2A, NBT.1.2B, NBT.1.2C, NBT.1.5, NBT.1.6

Australian Curriculum Links:

ACMNA012, ACMNA013, ACMNA014 (plus all Proficiency Strands)


• Digit Cards

• Place Value chart

• MAB Clipart (ones, tens, hundreds)

• 3 digit number cards (number cards)

16 Hands-on Activities:

• Custom counting

• Ordering Numbers

• MAB Pictures

• Ordinal Number puzzles

• Ordering Shapes

• Make a number cards

• Representing Numbers Bunting

• Interactive Number Lines

• Number Line Mysteries (challenge task)

• Garden Number Line

• Rounding Rules

• Roo Rounding

• Make it 2 Ways

• Partitioning Puzzles

• Number Investigation

• Number Task Cards

Assessment tools

• Number knowledge interactive worksheet

• Number of the Day BLM (3 variations are included depending on your students’ needs)

• “How Many Jellysnakes?” and “Address Investigation” Open-ended problems

• Assessment checklist (separate file that is editable)

+ Version also included with ‘units’ instead of ‘ones’


❤️ What people say about this resource: ❤️

“I love the hands on aspect, lots of variety and I know my kids are going to enjoy doing all of the activities which tick so many curriculum boxes” Jan

“An amazing resource!! My students just love it when I use the activities in this pack” Buyer

“Love these, especially the number investigations. Great for morning work!” Teaching with Miss Bacolo

“This was a fantastic resource whilst teaching year 1. I even continued using some aspects for struggling students in year 3. So versatile. Wonderful!” Lyndsey


No further teacher prep needed, simply print, laminate, use and assess!

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Place Value

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Pre-primary, Kindy/Pre-Primary, Year 1 – 2

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Hands-on Packs, Worksheets / Printables

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