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Place Value Posters | Interactive Place Value Chart


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Teach your students to read, record and understand numbers and how they work with this poster set. They have been designed as the perfect visual to keep displayed in your classroom all year round to support your teaching and student’s learning when it comes to place value and our number system.

Place value is a vital mathematical concept but can be a difficult one for students. It is the key to understanding our number system and so many other mathematical skills depend on a solid understanding of it. It is a concept that needs to be explicitly taught and revised for students to gain a deep understanding.

Display these posters according to the size of the numbers your students are working with and add to your display as the year progresses and students begin to work with larger numbers.

Use the digit cards included to create an ‘interactive’ place value chart for students to work with. Create numbers to use as examples or choose a ‘number of the day’ to work with as a fluency warmup or for your learning activities.

*Note: Extra files have been recently added to include numbers containing commas as well as decimal posters with images on them*

Included in this pack:

  • A4 sized display posters (thousandths-billions) in colour
  • A4 sized display posters (thousandths-billions) in B&W
  • Decimal place poster and circle
  • ½ size display posters (colour and B&W)
  • Powers of 10 cards
  • Digit cards (0-9 and decimal place)
  • ’Space’ / ‘Comma’ / , cards to assist students in recording numbers
  • x10 arrow cards
  • /10 arrow cards
  • Teacher display guide

(Posters come with and without commas)

Simply print, laminate and use! We hope you and your students enjoy this resource.


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“Love this! I’ve been looking for something like this for so long! Thank you” Teaching with Miss Giles

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“Great visual! Fits perfectly above my whiteboard. Kids reference it regularly. Thanks!” Brittney

“My favourite display in my classroom! So visual!” T Riffic Resources

“My students use our Place Value display every day in math. It has been a life saver because instead of asking me for help, they help themselves!” Kaleigh

“Meaningful classroom decor! My students use it as a resource all the time!” Tyler


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