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Number Line Activity | Number Sense Flowers | Place Value Flowers


Product Details

These paper and digital number sense flowers are highly engaging activity/assessment allows students to demonstrate their understanding of place value and numbers. Six differentiated versions (up to 6 digit numbers) and an editable version have been included to support or challenge students where needed. All versions come in printable and digital format.

Students are given the opportunity to represent a whole number on a place value chart, using MAB, identifying whether an odd or even number, using tally marks, recording the number before and after, rounding, ordinal number, in words, as well as expanded notation.

**Newly added – digital version and editable version**

Ideal to use as:

• A lesson for distance / remote learning

• As a math rotation / during math centres

• Morning work

• Homework tasks

• Warmup number activities

• 1:1 classrooms


✶ Six versions (paper and digital)

  • 2-digit number
  • 2x 3-digit number
  • 4-digit number
  • 5-digit number
  • 6-digit number
  • Editable version (paper only)

✶ Page of circles (middle of flower)

✶ Page of stems and leaves
✶ Page of stems and leaves with a number lines

✶ A task card that can be used by the teacher, parent helper or read by the students themselves

✶ Digital resource teacher instructions


This activity can be found with many more in the following packs:

✰ Grade 1 Hands-on Number Activities Pack

✰ Grade 2 Hands-on Number Activities Pack

✰ Grade 3-4 Hands-on Number Activities Pack


❤️ What teachers are saying about this resource: ❤️

“Really fun and engaging! My students kept wanting to make more flowers. Great way to brighten up the classroom after a very long winter too.” Kristen

“My class loved using this think board as an assessment piece! Thank you for putting in so much detail! Love your products!” Elizabeth

“Love this resource so super cute and great for a place value lesson!” Tara

“Thank you for this amazing resource!” Class of Mrs Moukahal


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