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Are you looking for an Easter themed Maths lesson that will have your students begging to do again?!? (And perhaps the greatest part for you as the teacher is – it really isn’t a tricky or time consuming activity to set up!)

So, what is this mystery lesson, you may be asking? It is….

Our Easter Egg Number Hunt which is SO MUCH FUN!

This is what you need to do:

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Use our editable Easter egg cards to write numbers at the level your students are working at (or you can create your own). You may want to mix the numbers up to differentiate.

For example: Allocate all the pink eggs to Group 1, they may be working with 3-digit numbers, allocate the blue eggs to Group 2 that are working on 4-digit numbers and so on.

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Hide the eggs around the room when the students are out on a break.

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When your students arrive back, give them each a number of the day template and ask them to look for an egg. The egg they find is the number they use to complete their number of the day worksheet.

Kids love hunting, finding and comparing the numbers on their eggs. Plus it gives meaning and motivation to the Maths task you are asking them to complete.

We are all about reusing and recycling lessons here at Rainbow Sky. This lesson could easily be repeated throughout the week because it is so entertaining and fun!

You could also reuse your eggs to:

  • Create a class number line
  • Make greater than & less than number sentences
  • Use them to put on display with your students work
  • Play a ‘Who am I’ game, where you choose a random egg card and start describing the number. Students look at their number of the day to see if they have the mystery number.

We love regularly using Number of the Day templates because they support learning about how the number system works and develop number sense skills that support learners in all areas of Mathematics. We talk more about the Number of the Day in this blog post.

If you really want to get creative, other ways you can use these Easter Number of the Day templates include:

  • A number sense assessment
  • Lesson warmup
  • Easter themed math rotation task
  • Enlarge a copy to model each skill to the class or small group and then ask students to have a go independently using a different number
  • Send home as a fun homework task

We have done all the hard work for you when it comes to this lesson. This resource includes everything you need, including editable eggs plus number of the day templates for any sized number.

Save yourself time and grab it here

trust us, your students are going to love it!

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