4 Low prep Easter activities that kids love

Want to do something Easter themed but feel like you don’t have time to plan? Don’t have any fresh ideas? Need something with minimal prep but maximum engagement and fun?

We have got you covered!

Kids love bringing celebrations into the classroom, but often as time-poor teachers, it can feel like another thing to do (especially in Australia because we are usually packing up and preparing for a well deserved holiday break).

Let us help you work smarter and not harder to implement some fun Easter themes into your classroom with little prep time on your end!

Here are 4 simple ideas:

Creative thinking tasks

Creative tasks are always engaging for kids and get them excited. We like to use our ready-to-print activities to scaffold the activity and get students’ creative juices flowing. Imaginative tasks include designing outfits, Easter bunny passport details and a new mode of transportation for the bunny and its crew.

You could use these creative thinking activities as:

  • Fun whole class lessons
  • In your literacy rotations
  • As a fun homework task or
  • As a fast finishing activities

How we like to include student voice and choice is by photocopying a range of activities and allowing students to choose their activity. This helps cater for a range of learners and different learning styles.


Teacher tip: Before students choose we explain what each activity requires and then get students to vote or record on a sticky note the activity of choice before we photocopy anything (this saves having too many of one task and not enough copies of another). Once photocopied, we line them up across the front of the classroom to allow students to collect the activity and get to work! They love having this responsibility over their own learning.

Click the links for Easter Creative Thinking Activities Grades 1-2 or Grades 3-4!


Bunny Craft

We created this freebie a long time ago and over the years we have seen classrooms use it in the most creative ways:

  • As an easter egg bag
  • To create Easter hats/crowns
  • As a response activity to a read-aloud (eg: We’re Going on an Egg Hunt)
  • A buddy activity where older students work with younger children
  • A stimulus to describe the attributes and values of the Easter Bunny
  • To create symmetrical patterns on the bunny features
  • We have also seen it in lots of homes and at playgroups!
Easter Bunny Craft

Grab a free copy of our Bunny Craft here.


Easter Number of the Day

Themed activities that have educational value are what we are all about here at Rainbow Sky Creations.

Turn a number warmup or even dedicate a whole lesson to an Easter themed number of the day. You can use our template in the image below or simply draw some eggs on the board with numbers inside them for your students to choose from.

We like to turn this lesson into a Number Easter Egg hunt – and kids LOVE it! Read about how we set it up here. Easter Number of the DayClick to view resource.


Gift tags of Kindness

We designed these gift tags for teachers to give to their students with a little treat (they include both religious and non-religious options) but you could take it a little further by asking your students to choose a gift tag to give to another teacher or someone special at home.

We suggest printing the gift tags onto white paper and asking students to decorate one side and write a message of kindness on the back. Little acts of kindness like this can really make a big difference in someone’s day!

We hope these ideas have given you some inspo for your classroom in the lead up to Easter. Make sure you tag us if you share them on any of your socials @rainbowskycreations


Resources mentioned in this blog post can be found here:

Creative thinking activities for Grades 1-2

Creative thinking activities for Grades 3-6

Free Bunny Craft

Easter Number of the Day templates

Easter Gift tags



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