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7 Tested Harmony Week Activities for Maths

We want to share with you some of our most successful Harmony Week activities to include in your Maths lessons.

Harmony Day is all about celebrating diversity, inclusion, and unity. What better way to reinforce these values than through fun maths lessons?

As teachers, we engage our students with various themes throughout the year more than ever before – why? Kids love the excitement of an event; incorporating real life into the classroom learning. So why not embrace the enthusiasm?

Here are seven creative Harmony Week activities aligned with Maths concepts that will spark curiosity and promote harmony in your classroom.


Harmony Week Activities for Maths

1. Data Collection 

This is one of those Harmony Week activities that combines Maths and real life. Ask students to conduct surveys or gather data on cultural backgrounds within your classroom or school community. 

They can then use this data to create graphs, charts, and infographics highlighting their peers’ diversity and unity. Depending on the age of your students, you could give them the choice of how they present their data.

Harmony Week Activities

2. Fact Fluency Chatterboxes

These are the perfect ways to work on math fact fluency during Harmony Week or on Harmony Day (21st March) – plus your students will LOVE it!!

A range of templates have been included to cater for your students’ learning needs. Some students may work on odd and even numbers, while others work on subtraction facts from 100. The best part is they are all still completing the same fun task but at a level that meets their need.

Additionally, we have included a blank template for students to create their unique chatterbox designs and challenge themselves further. 

Harmony Fluency Chatterbox - Harmony Week Activities

Find the fact fluency chatterboxes here. 


3. Multiplication Chatterboxes

If you are teaching Grades 3-4 you know that they need to be working on their multiplication fluency all year long! Kids never get sick of these chatterboxes, and each student in your class can be working on the facts they specifically need.


These chatterboxes are perfect for:

  • A fun multiplication lesson
  • As a lesson warmup
  • Harmony-themed math rotation task
  • Fast finisher task
  • Homework activity or
  • Revision lesson


“The students love making chatterboxes. They don’t even realise how much they are practising their math facts when they are playing with friends. Thanks. Very fun!” Alexia

Harmony Week activities
Find the Multiplication fluency chatterboxes here.

4. Symmetry in Real Life

The best lessons are when we teach them with real-life examples. We have two different Harmony Day craft activities that are perfect for getting your students to apply their knowledge of symmetry to complete the task. 


Harmony Hearts

A fun and creative display to celebrate Harmony Day or Harmony Week. The purpose of this activity is for students to reflect on Harmony Day and how they can contribute to a peaceful and happy Australia where diversity and multiculturalism are respected and celebrated.

Harmony week activities

Get your copy here. 


Harmony Hands 

This craft is the perfect way to discuss Harmony Day with your students in a meaningful way. Not only does it ask students to reflect on the day and why it is important but it also creates a beautiful classroom display.


“My students in year 5 loved this activity on Friday afternoon after a big day of HARMONY DAY celebrations. It was a lovely way to conclude the day’s discussions and events.” – Joanne G.

Harmony Week activities

Get your copy here. 

6. Colour puzzle

This is a simple idea to add to your Maths rotations or even use as a fast finisher task during Harmony Week. It requires students to answer the Maths questions while colouring an image representing Harmony Day. This is a fun idea if you are teaching Grades 1-2. Find it here. 

Harmony Week activities

7. Number Puzzles

Again, this asks students to answer various questions to reveal a Harmony Day message. We find that Maths tasks such as these give the students motivation and purpose to complete the task when they have discovered the hidden message it could be used as a starting point for a class discussion around the messages of Harmony Day in Australia.

Harmony Week activities

Find the Grade 3-4 version here


Harmony Week activities

Find the Grade 5-6 version here. 


By incorporating these Harmony Week activities in maths lesson, you’ll not only reinforce important mathematical concepts but also promote cultural understanding, empathy, and respect in your classroom.

Let the spirit of Harmony Day inspire your students to embrace diversity and celebrate unity through the power of Maths!


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