A Meaningful and Essential Harmony Day Craft

Are you seeking an engaging and meaningful Harmony Day craft to complete with your students?

Whether you’re someone who likes to get organised well in advance or tends to be a last-minute planner, the activity we’re going to unpack today will be a hit among your students


Harmony Day (or Harmony Week) is growing in significance in schools around Australia. It’s a week to promote respect, understanding, and appreciation for different cultures, languages, and backgrounds.


We found that many teachers in our community are looking for multiple Harmony Day lessons that delve into the meaning behind the celebration. If this is you, we have you covered…


This Harmony Day craft resource is designed to spark insightful discussions while fostering creativity and inclusivity in the classroom. Plus you will have a beautiful end product to display in your classroom.

Harmony week activities

A note to our international teacher friends: We have included a version of this craft that can be used any time of the year. Harmony Day is celebrated in Australia, but this craft can be used for any lesson to teach students about being culturally inclusive.


Say hello to our Harmony Hands Craft – the perfect meaningful lesson for Harmony Day.


Why choose this Harmony Day craft?

1. Meaningful Reflections

Our craft prompts students to reflect on the importance of Harmony Day and what it means for everyone to belong. It’s not just about creating a craft; it’s about fostering a deeper understanding of diversity and encouraging empathy.

Harmony Day craft

2. Beautiful Classroom Displays

Showcase unity and diversity through this Harmony Day craft, where the finished products serve as visual reminders of the values of cultural diversity, tolerance, and inclusiveness, encapsulating the key message of Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs!

Harmony Day craft

3. Flexible for Different Grade Levels

Whether you teach Grade 3 or Grade 6, this resource is adaptable to suit your students’ needs. For younger grades, simply use one prompt and attach it to the palm of the hand template.

It’s versatile and caters to various age groups! With its flexibility, teachers can easily tailor the activity to align with their students’ learning abilities.

Harmony Day craft

4. Convenient and Easy to Use

We understand that teachers are often pressed for time. That’s why this Harmony Day Hands activity requires minimal prep work. Personalise it by having your students trace and cut out their hands for extra creativity. 

If you’re short on time? Simply print the templates on pre-selected coloured paper for a hassle-free setup.

Harmony Day craft

Join the Harmony Day Celebration

Harmony Day is a special occasion celebrated in Australia on March 21st. It’s a day dedicated to embracing cultural diversity and fostering inclusivity.

Our Harmony Day craft provides an interactive way to participate in this meaningful celebration and instil the values of the day with your students.

Harmony Day craft

What other Aussie Teachers are saying about our Harmony Day craft:

“Fantastic craft with a great message. This looks great displayed in our school! Students loved it.” Patrick (Grade 2 Teacher)

“Great resource! Children loved it.” Keren S (Grade 2 Teacher)

“Love this” Tam (Kindergarten Teacher)

“This was really easy to do and makes a cute bulletin board. My 3rd graders did this with their TK buddies and it came out really cute.” Kimberly (Grade 3 Teacher)

Harmony Day craft


Take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate Harmony Day in a memorable and impactful way. Empower your students to embrace diversity and spread the message that everyone belongs. 

Get your copy of our Harmony Day craft and watch your classroom come alive with creativity and unity here.

Harmony Hands - Harmony Day craft

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