IKEA hacks for Teachers

Tell us, what teacher doesn’t love a good hack?!

Well, we are here to bring you the goods. We have written about Kmart before but today we are turning our focus to Ikea!

Here are some of our favourite teacher hacks from Ikea (just make sure you read to the end before you jump in your car to head to your local store!):

1. Clear storage boxes

These clear boxes fit your stamp collection perfectly and you can still use the lid!

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2. Snap lock bags

Snap lock bags don’t get any better than Ikea – they are really sturdy. We use them for all sorts of things in the classroom such as our student Maths packs.

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3. Jars

Jars are great for ‘I wish my teacher knew’ or class compliments.

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4. Storage crates

We turned these crates/boxes on their side to create a bookshelf! So easy.

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5. Food containers

Again, these are good for storage but can also double as dice containers. Eliminate noise and dice flying around the room with this trick!

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6. Ikea plastic bowls

They are durable and great for art & craft supplies as well as sorting activities. These are a staple in our classroom when we teach younger grades.

test alt text

More UNO learning ideas here.

7. Paper Roll (idea 1)

Butchers paper doesn’t seem as easy to get these days – the ikea paper roll is the modern version! We love using the large paper rolls for collaborative tasks.

test alt text

8. Paper Roll (idea 2)

Why not setup a collaborative colouring wall for your fast finishers? Ikea sells patterned paper rolls that could help you have this up and running in your classroom in under 5 minutes.

test alt text

9. Technology chargers

Ikea is always coming out with great technology solutions. Create a quick charging station that you and the students can easily access.

test alt text

10. Plate holders

Plate holders work as a great alternative to iPad / Chromebook storage systems. They are also handy to display books in your classroom as seen in this image.

Here is a list of the items we have shared in this post and their product names at Ikea:

test alt text

Before we go, we couldn’t leave this doormat out. It doesn’t add anything to learning or classroom organisation but it is so pretty!

test alt text

Any of these ideas got you inspired to make a trip to Ikea? If you decide to give any a try, don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can see and cheer you on!

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