7 Simple and Easy Easter Hat Ideas

We are all about simplicity here at Rainbow Sky HQ and this week we are bringing you 7 simple and easy Easter hat ideas!


Every year my children and I make Easter hats from items we have at home. This year was different, I decided to take them to the local $2 shop to collect supplies so we could create something a little different. $47 later and regret purchasing items that will end up in landfill, I have decided that we won’t be doing that ever again. 


We also want to help you save your pennies with these simple and easy Easter Hat ideas. They won’t break the bank (you most probably will have the items already at home or in your classroom) AND we have tried to include recyclable items where possible.

7 Simple and Easy Easter Hat Ideas

1. The Bunny

This is our go-to for Easter Hat parades. Many years ago, we created this free bunny craft and have used it over and over to create Easter Hats as well as use it as a fun craft activity in the classroom. 

Here is the most ‘stylish’ version. We simply got a hat we already had at home, put a band of white cardboard around the circumference and then attached the bunny pieces. We also stuck some feathers in the top for good measure. 

Easy Easter Hat ideas

This hat took less than 10 minutes to create and was comfortable for my daughter to wear during the parade. Grab our free Easter Bunny craft here. 


The second version is a similar concept of attaching the bunny’s head to a white band that fits around the child’s head. Again, we added feathers around the cardboard band (although feathers aren’t bunny-like are they?!) 

Easy Easter Hat ideas

The best part about these hats is that children of all ages can almost entirely create it on their own – as the adult you just need to worry about getting the cardboard band right.  

Easy Easter Hat ideas

Grab our free Easter Bunny craft here. 


2. The Chick

How cute is this little chick! We made it out of strips of yellow paper and simply layered them in a criss-cross until we got the round chick shape. Add some googly eyes and yellow feathers and you have the cutest little chick you have ever seen. 


We used sticky tape to attach the chick to a plastic party cup (paper would have been better) and put some elastic on either side so it could sit under the chin and stay on. This easy Easter hat idea is bound to be a hit for the parade. 


Hot tip: Use a hole punch on either side of the cup to attach the elastic. 

Easy Easter Hat ideas

3. Bunny Ears Cap

This is a simple Easter Hat for those who are reluctant to join in on the creative fun. Find a cap that already fits and add some bunny ears. In this image, we have used the bunny ears from our free bunny craft and just added some cotton wool around the edges. We stapled the ears to the hat to secure them. 

Easy Easter Hat ideas

4. Up-side Down Chick

This easy Easter hat idea is a funny alternative to the cute chicks and bunnies (and let’s face it, kids love everything about bums!)

Using cardstock, create a cracked egg and a yellow circle for the chick’s bottom.

Easy Easter Hat ideas

Simply glue the pieces to a party hat – we told you simplicity was the key – and then add 2 feathers for the wings and 2 little legs (we made ours out of skewers that we coloured brown). We have also added some shredded paper to create a ‘nest’ but that is not essential.

Easy Easter Hat ideas

5. Egg Carton Hat

Egg cartons fit the theme of Easter PLUS it is the perfect way to reuse and recycle items around your home. We have created little chicks out of paper in the front row and added eggs into the back row. 

The eggs could be chocolate eggs that you can snack on later, plastic eggs from the Easter decorations aisle or you could get creative and make them yourself.

To attach the egg carton to your head,  thread a ribbon through the carton and tie it under your chin or attach a headband. 

7 Simple and Easy Easter Hat Ideas - Rainbow Sky Creations

6. A Chick’s nest

This chick is a cute craft lesson that can be turned into a simple Easter hat for a parade. This chick and egg are made out of cardboard. We have attached them to a paper party hat (so easy because it already has the elastic to sit on your head). 

We added the shredded paper at the bottom to cover the party hat and to give it a little more dimension. 

7 Simple and Easy Easter Hat Ideas - Rainbow Sky Creations


Teacher tip: We like to do one art / craft lesson in the lead-up to the parade so if any child forgets their hat, they have something in class that we can easily turn into a creation for the school Easter hat parade. 


7. Paper Bunny

Just like the paper chick above, we created this bunny by layering white strips of cardboard in a criss-cross pattern until we got the round head. We added some cute little details and our bunny was ready!

Easy Easter Hat ideas

This is a hat you could create the morning of the hat parade (worry, we totally get how busy it can all get and things get left to the eleventh hour!). 



Easter Hat parades can be fun but sometimes the added pressure of making a hat can take some of the sparkle away. Now you have 7 simple and easy Easter hat ideas to try. Enjoy!


Want some fun Easter lessons for your students? Check out our Easter Creative Thinking packs. Grade 1-2 teachers click here, and Grade 3-6 teachers click here.

Easter lesson ideas

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