Attention, Future Educators: Preservice Teacher Round Up Await!

Hey there, future educators!

We’re all about nurturing the teacher in you here at Rainbow Sky Creations. We totally understand that being a preservice teacher comes with a mix of excitement and a dash of nerves. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got your back!

By the way, have you checked out our awesome Facebook Group exclusively for new Aussie teachers? It’s like a haven of support where we swap cool tips, time-saving hacks, and loads of resources. Come join us HERE – you won’t regret it!

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Now, down to business. We’ve gathered up a bunch of our blog posts (plus two fantastic freebies) that are absolute gold if you are just starting out on your teaching journey. We’ve put them here in one comfy spot, so you can dive right into the info you need hassle-free. 

Ready to sift through these gems and pick out the article that resonates with you the most? 

Let’s get started.

Here are 7 blog posts we have written to help you get ahead of the game as a preservice teacher:

5 essential things every Preservice Teacher needs to know

Essential ingredients for Prac success

Time saving lesson plan tips for Prac teachers

The Ultimate Lesson Plan Checklist for Prac

12 Tips for Preservice Teachers Going on Prac

How to ROCK your Final Prac

Attention grabbers for teachers that will save your voice

We also have a playlist on TikTok where you can binge our best tips.




Before you go, we know we promised FREEBIES! And we always keep our promises:

1. Grab our FREE Guide

This FREE guide will help you navigate the many hats of a preservice teacher.

Inside you will find helpful strategies to leave a good impression on your mentor teacher and help you land your first teaching job.preservice-teacher-freebie

2. Grab our FREE Lesson Plan Templates

These lesson plan templates are FREE and EDITABLE. We have also included a range of layouts and inclusions to help you discover the best way to plan for you and the needs of your class.lesson-plan-templates


Need more?

Check out our BUNDLE created for Prac Teachers. 

This is the ULTIMATE TOOL to keep you organised as a preservice teacher. The bundle includes our two pre-service teacher best sellers: The Practicum Planner and The Practicum Survival Guide. 


It is designed especially for university Prac students to help you impress your mentor teacher and have an awesome Prac experience!

Teacher testimonials about the prac bundle

 Get your copy here.


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