15 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers


Halloween is such a fun time of the year, but we know what it is like to be a teacher… BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!

Although, we know the joy students get when they see their teacher’s inner kid come out when they dress up! And Halloween can be the perfect excuse!

So, with that in mind, here is a list of some awesome (but easy) Halloween costume ideas for teachers. We have tried to make it as straightforward as possible to help you have fun, without all the thinking and worrying that comes along with organising a costume.

Note to Aussie teachers: If you are new around here, we are Australian. Halloween is only just becoming popular Down Under. If you are a fellow Aussie, perhaps this is the year you can encourage your school to let their hair down and have a fun dress up day in October! Or simple, start with these free Halloween lesson ideas.

Let’s get into it – Here are 15 simple Halloween costume ideas for teachers:

1. Pig the Pug

What child doesn’t love Aaron Blabey’s ‘Pig the Pug’ book series? This costume is fun but so easy! The mask pictured is no longer available but you can find plenty of options on Etsy, like this one.

Halloween costume for teachers

@lovelearngrow we think your Pig costume is awesome!

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This picture book also lends itself to a team dress up idea if everyone takes on a piece of food the caterpillar eats on his journey.

Halloween costume for teachers - the very hungry caterpillar If you want to go for a more simple option, these Very Hungry Caterpillar crowns take 5 mins to make and are immediately recognisable.


Halloween costume for teachers - the very hungry caterpillar

3. A Pumpkin

This is truly in the spirit of Halloween! We love how Dena from @misstechqueen has added some face paint too.

Find this pumpkin costume here.

Halloween costume for teachers

4. The Day the Crayons Quit

This idea has become a crowd favourite when dressing up as a team (you could also go as a single crayon though). All you need to make this costume work is a coloured t-shirt, party hat and a sign saying “I quit!” (or something similar).

Halloween costume for teachers

5. Mario Kart characters

This idea is surprisingly simple yet it has a big impact! Coloured t-shirts, some balloons and a painted cardboard box and you are as good as done! This team dress up idea from Jill @hello_fifth is one of our faves!

Halloween costume for teachers

6. Playdoh

This is such a cute idea and can be thrown together last minute. Simply google the play-doh logo, print it out, and attach yarn so you can wear it around your neck. Add a yellow shirt and a paper plate and voila!

(PS The paper plates in this photo were painted and hot glued to headbands so the teacher’s could wear them without worrying about them falling off).

Halloween costume for teachers

Image from @the_twitchy_teacher

7. Social Butterflies

Isn’t this idea clever! If you teach older students, this is a costume they are going to relate to. All it requires are some butterfly wings, a tutu (optional), antennas and some app icons printed out to wear around your neck.

Halloween costume for teachers

Image from @miss_presler

8. Spelling Bee’s

This is a cute costume pun. You could even strategically choose the letters you stick on yourself and ask students to create as many words as they can using the letters on your costume! Thanks for the bee inspiration @theowlteacher.

Halloween costume for teachers

9. Unicorns

Unicorns are all the rage at the moment. If you teach younger students they would love a unicorn teacher for the day. This blow up unicorn is a little more expensive (but we are sure, you will find more uses for it in time to come!)

Halloween costume for teachers

Image from @misstechqueen

You could also go for a more simple unicorn costume which is cheap and still a lot of fun.

Halloween costume for teachers

10. Little Miss Costumes

The possibilities for this one are endless. You could match your characters to your personality or have a bit of fun with it! We even saw an image online of a ‘Little Miss Bump’ and the teacher was pregnant (that gave us a little giggle!)

Halloween costume for teachers

11. The Incredibles

This team looks awesome as The Incredibles and the costumes are so simple. Purchase the tshirt or make it with a cricut (if you are super crafty), cut out an eye mask and wear with black pants. @hello_fifth and her team look great!

Halloween costume for teachers

12. Care Bears

Another fun team dress-up idea! Again, if someone is great with the cricut, they could create these t-shirts. Or you could source them from good old Amazon.

Halloween costume for teachers

Image from @hello_fifth

13. Emoji’s

Emojis is a language kids are familiar with. Get together with some members of your team and dress up as your favourite emoji. All you need to do is wear all black and get creative with some yellow cardboard and markers!

Halloween costume for teachers

14. Starbucks!

This is a funny idea that requires a small investment from Amazon, but we are sure will provide a lot of laughs. We know there are teacher’s out there who don’t drink coffee, but for the coffee lovers, this is a simple and fun costume.

Halloween costume for teachers

15. Jellyfish

One crafty afternoon with your team and you will have your jellyfish umbrellas ready to go. No need to purchase coloured clothes to match, just choose a colour you already have in your wardrobe!

Halloween costume for teachers

Image from @ahandmadeteacher


There you have it, some great Halloween costume ideas to try this year! Tag us on the socials if you decide to wear any of them. We would love to see @rainbowskycreations.

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