6 Fun Elf on the Shelf Christmas Writing Activities

The ideas are endless when using your class Elf as inspiration or to help engage your students in Christmas writing activities. 


Maybe it is a Santa’s workshop job application, a description of your elf or a story where the hero is the class Elf on the Shelf. We even like the idea of setting up a writing workshop during reading groups or literacy time and have elf host the centre / activity.

In saying this, we know that teacher life can be a little hectic this time of the year, so we have done all the hard thinking for you.

Elf on the shelf ideas for teachers


Read on to discover…

6 Fun Elf on the Shelf Christmas Writing Activities you can use in your classroom this year during December


1. Christmas Writing and Craft

Get students writing and having fun with our 3D Christmas craft. This activity also opens itself up to being a great speaking and listening, and reflection task. 


We love to set up our Elf on the Shelf to bring these activities to the class OR even create an example for the class to see. 

Christmas Writing Activities

This Christmas writing activity includes 3 writing prompts, so it could be done over several days or in one big sitting.  


Prompts include:

  • If you could give one GIFT to the world this Christmas what would it be?
  • You have been given the chance to interview Santa Claus. What questions would you ask him?
  • Draw and label some symbols you see at Christmas time.

Christmas Writing Activities

These ornament templates are super cute! I love that they have a combination of writing prompts, images to color, and some blank/patterned designs to get creative with!” – Rebecca

Grab your copy here. 

2. Elf Report Card

This is such a fun Christmas writing activity, especially since in Australia, students are receiving their end of year report cards.


After your Elf on the Shelf has been around for a while, ask students to reflect on their behaviour. Then get students to write a ‘general comment’ for Elf – this is a great time to talk about formal language or even the art of a ‘compliment sandwich’. 

Christmas Writing Activities

Grab your FREE copy of our Elf Report Card here.


3. Christmas Writing Book Review

Every Elf comes with the ‘Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition’ storybook. Make the most of the book by reading it to your class, having it as part of our class library during December and then asking students to write a book report about it.

A Christmas book report doesn’t need to be about this book though. You could read any Christmas book or a series of Christmas books for the students to review. We have a free Christmas book report template here.

Christmas Writing Activities


Teacher tip: If you teach older students: mix it up and ask them to review a Christmas Carol of their choice. 


4. Persuasive Christmas writing

Kids love persuasive writing and this is the perfect time of year to give them some fun prompts to get creative with. 


Have your class Elf on the Shelf write a persuasive writing prompt on the board, then invite students to start convincing others with their point of view.


Some examples of fun persuasive Christmas writing prompts:

  • “Should Santa send his Elves out to watch children or keep them in the workshop to help him prepare for Christmas?”
  • “Elf season should last longer” – Convince Santa
  • “Convince the Grinch to embrace the joy and magic of the Elf on the Shelf tradition”
  • “Write a persuasive pitch to a movie producer, persuading them to turn your class elf’s story into a blockbuster film”

Christmas writing activities

5. Ready to print Christmas Writing Prompts

We are all short on time this time of the year… so why not make it easy on yourself and grab these FREE writing prompts. You could even allow your students to choose which one they want to work on first – bringing in some student voice and choice.


These prompts have a card (your Elf could be holding it) and templates for your students to answer directly on. 

Christmas writing activities free

Grab your free Christmas Creative Writing prompts here. It is as easy as print-and-go!


“Such variety in this freebie, thanks for sharing. This could be used at any time of the year also.” Rebecca B Designs


6. The Compliment Wreath

Have your class Elf on the Shelf deliver the materials to create compliment wreaths. Elf might even leave a leaf with a compliment for each child to get them started.

Christmas Writing activities

We love this lesson because it gets kids reflecting on what is special about their classmates but also writing for a purpose. 

Read more about how we teach this lesson here OR grab your copy of our compliment wreaths here

Christmas Writing activities


“Such an amazing resource! It really helped my kiddos think about kind things they could say to others” – Taneal



Do an Elf on the Shelf directed drawing such as this one on Art Hub for Kids. Once the artworks are complete, ask students to add descriptive words about the class Elf on the Shelf to their artwork.

Christmas directed drawing to match Christmas writing activities


Bringing the Elf on the Shelf into your classroom not only adds a sprinkle of magic to the holiday season but also provides countless opportunities for imaginative and fun Christmas writing activities. 

Make the most of your mischievous Elf and your students’ enthusiasm for them! 

Need some Elf on the Shelf inspo? Grab our Free Teacher Checklist, Elf Surveillance Poster and Elf Report Card printable here.  

Free Elf on the Shelf ideas for teachers

These are excellent ideas for using an elf in your classroom.” – Amy


Did you know we have a podcast? Listen to our episode about Ways to Survive the End of the School Year here.


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