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Persuasive Writing Unit | Activities & Games | Year 2-3


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Create confident writers with these persuasive writing activities and games. This resource breaks down writing instruction, so it is simple to teach and fun to learn!

Children love learning through games, and as teachers, we have witnessed the benefits. Due to this, we have included lots of games in this package to build persuasive language skills! It also includes a range of writing prompts, ready-to-print proformas, reflection activities, text analysis, and more.

Teach older students? Find our resource suitable for Grade 4-6 here.

How this pack works:

We have divided this pack up into sections to make it easy to use and plan for your writing lessons. The sections are sequential, so if you use this pack for your entire persuasive writing unit, start and the beginning and work your way through. Alternatively, you can pick and choose activities and games to support and supplement your lessons.


We know how important it is to cater for the range of needs in the classroom. This pack includes lots of opportunities for differentiation (and we have done the hard work for you!)

  • The word wheels can be used as individual tools to support students, especially those kinaesthetic learners.
  • Lots of speaking and listening games have been included to support students before being asked to write independently.
  • The spinner games are a great way for students to work in mixed ability pairs, so students needing support can hear modeled sentences before constructing their own.
  • Different planning templates have been included depending on the complexity of writing you expect from each of your students.
  • All writing proformas/templates include two versions, one that provides text structure support and the other that doesn’t.


Assessment Resources

•Cold Writing Task – Fast Food is bad for Kids

•Post Assessment – Fast Food is bad for Kids

•Assessment Checklist

Building the Field

•Would you rather game

•Persuasive writing retrieval chart

•Topic brainstorm

Reading and Responding

•List of persuasive picture books to share with your class

•Text Response: retrieval chart (2 versions)

•Reading reflection

Text Structure

•Persuasive text structure

•Persuasive text structure cut and paste

•Text reconstruction (cut and paste)

•Structure identification arrows

Language Features

•Language sort cut and paste

•Emotive Language sort

•Rhetorical question sort and prompt card activity

•Facts and Statistics activity

•Modality and opinion word spinner game

•Convincing language spinner game

•Construct a conclusion spinner game

•Persuasive language dice game (rainbow template)

•Word wheels: High modality, language of opinion, time connectives, adding evidence (cause and effect).

•Funny persuasive sentences game (Chatterbox/Cootie Catcher)

•Modelled Text for identifying language features

Creating Arguments

•Agree or disagree game

•Creating arguments proforma

•Peer writing task

•Adding evidence proforma

Planning and Writing

•Opening statement, argument and concluding statement formula activities

•Writing detective – editing and proofreading activity

•Planning template (2 versions)

•Planning think board

•Writing checklist

•Topic Chatterbox / Cootie Catcher

•Writing Bingo

•Writing prompt cards

Writing Proformas / Templates (2 versions of each to support learners)

•Technology has changed the world for the better

•People should be allowed to visit Mars

•Schools should provide fruit for free

•Eating the Coat of Arms should be illegal

•Learning to swim is an important life skill

•Women sports stars should be paid the same as men

•Readers are leaders

This resource includes everything you need to teach persuasive writing in a FUN and ENGAGING way!

We are passionate about helping teachers here at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope that these resources help you in your classroom this year!


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“The kids loved using something that was a bit different to a worksheet that fully engaged them and got them practicing which was fantastic to see. Thank you!” Sophie

“Fabulous addition to a unit we’ve taught many times before. This resource brought new perspectives & tasks to help revamp what we do.” Kristie

“My students loved this resource. It was an amazing resource to aid the teaching of persuasive writing and I am very happy to have it.” Kate

“Amazing unit! Implemented a lot of the resources into my writing plan” Laken


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