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Christmas Gift Guide for Teachers

Christmas time is busy, but we must not forget about our children’s teachers or those special colleagues that have worked hard to make a difference in the classroom all year. In saying that, thinking of gift ideas can be hard!

So we have done the thinking for you and put together a list of fun gift ideas that teachers will LOVE.

(Note: this blog post does NOT contain any affiliate links. Suggested businesses are people we have worked with or shopped with ourselves and can highly recommend.)

2022 Annual Gift Guide

A Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

$10 will buy your teacher two smaller or one larger resource they may want to use in their classroom. It doesn’t sound exciting for non-teachers, but trust us, teachers will be grateful for this gift! Purchase them here.

Gift Jars

Purchase or recycle jars, fill them with goodies (such as lollies, cookies, jellybeans, homemade muesli) and attach your label. We recommend using double sided tape around the entire edge to keep the label on and looking great. These are great for your kids teachers, teaching assistants, colleagues or student teachers. Grab a copy of our jar gift tags here.

Personalised Classroom Plaque

We received one of these and LOVED it! Teacher’s would love this special little item to add to their classroom. Source these from Sierra Rose Creative, click here to view her plaques and the different colours they come in.


Lots of teachers live on good coffee! Why not consider a voucher to your local coffee shop to keep their energy levels high in the lead up to Christmas. Perhaps even give Planet Earth a gift too and give a teacher a funky keep cup. Here is a keep cup that we own (we think it sums up teaching perfectly!)


Why not spice up your gift of chocolate with a cute personalised wrapper! This would be a fun idea for a colleague or from a Secret Santa. Find our favourite personalised gift tags @wild_and_ivy_designs. (Psst, they can also create personalised prints for a teacher or colleague).

Personalised Stamps

Most teachers LOVE stationery. But what they love more is stationery that is cute AND saves them time. We have never met a teacher who hasn’t loved a personalised stamp (we use ours daily!) These ones pictured are from @misshoneyteachers and you can get 15% off your order using the code: RAINBOWSKY15

Fancy Stickers

Primary school teachers love themselves a sticker. The talented Jo Edgar (a teacher herself) has designed a range of beautiful stickers that teachers can’t get enough of. Any teacher would love to receive a gift that has come from Mrs Edgar!

A Stylish Lanyard

This is an accessory truly limited to teachers… but they are a must-have and an excellent fashion statement! There are so many beautiful lanyard designs out there these days, check out @theteachingtools, @miss.t.teachables @siliconejewellery or @mikibeads on Instagram for some inspiration!

We also love these gingham lanyards from @thedailyplannerau

A Handmade Rainbow

Teachers generally love rainbows and these handmade keyrings from @rainbowearthlings are gorgeous and amazing quality. You can even get them personalised. They have loads of stylish colours and designs.

Class keepsake

We think these artworks are just gorgeous for a teacher, especially a kindergarten teacher or a new teacher to remember their first class. These are created by @wild_and_ivy_designs (who is a teacher herself!)

Scratchies or Lotto Tickets

This is a fun idea and great to use as a small token of thanks. Find the label we have used in the image below for free here.

Teacher Survival Pack

Admittedly, teachers receive LOTS of chocolates and nibbly treats! But this is a fun idea that could be kept inside a desk drawer for when it is really needed!

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RSC Teacher Emergency Stash

Spa Voucher

This is a little more on the expensive side in terms of gifts, however, a spa voucher or manicure and pedicure voucher is a beautiful way to say thank you to a teacher because you are giving them the gift of self-care at the same time!

A Whistle

A teacher must have accessory. You might be thinking that this idea is a little boring, but why not spoil your teacher with a stylish whistle that they will be able to keep forever. These whistles are gorgeous and you can even get them engraved so they are personalised. Use the code RSC10 for a little discount at Teachit Co.

Fancy Hand Sanitizer

There is nothing more luxurious than a fancy hand sanitizer (and teachers use hand sanitizer daily!) We love this beautiful one from Aesop!

Hot Tip: This is also a lovely gift for new mamas or teachers going on maternity leave.

Update – we wrote this post long before COVID but now there are so many fancy hand sanitizers on the market and teachers are still going to need it long after corona!

Teacher Stationery

Teachers are stationery addicts at heart and we have never met primary school teacher who doesn’t love a good stamp. We love the unique stamps from @theteachingtools.

Teachers are also the walking ‘grammar police!’ Why not spoil them with stationery made especially for teachers. These pencils (pictured) come in a range of colours. Teachit Co, also has options to create personalised stationery items too.

Image from @teachitco

A Teacher Planner or Professional Development Diary

We have a range of diaries and teacher help guides that make wonderful gifts for teachers. They come digitally so they are affordable and you can package them up in any way you wish. Check out the First Year Survival Pack for new teachers, Prac planner for Pre-service teachers or our Teacher Diaries and Professional Development diary for teacher friends or colleagues.

A Fancy Lunchbox

Teachers may be the only profession left where it is commonplace to bring a packed lunch. You can pick up beautiful lunch bags from Etsy or gift stores. We love these ones from The Self Styler (They are so cute that Ash’s mum has stolen hers to take to school!)


A candle might feel like a generic gift but that are a luxury item that teachers can enjoy over the holidays (or even in their classroom before and after school). Hudson and Kingsley the Label make the best candles and their tinned ones are very reasonably priced!

A set of Picnic Glasses

These are so beautiful and they are perfect for summer events! This is a gift we have never received as a teacher but would really appreciate. Find these acrylic wine glasses at The Self Styler.

Affirmation Cards

A teacher’s work can be tough. This gift is little something that says “I appreciate your time and effort” without breaking the bank. The Teacher Collection also stocks products from a range of Aussie small business and businesses from the bush.


If all else fails, wine to the rescue! Find cute personalised wine bottle labels here to add a special touch!

Ideas when you need to buy for lots of educators:

It can add up if you need to buy for lots of teachers and Christmas time is already expensive. Why not try these gifting ideas:

A Plant

These gorgeous little succulents were a few dollars at Bunnings. We added a handmade sign and wrapped with wrapping paper.

A Shared Platter

A friend of mine told me this idea and I thought it was GENIUS. She told the teachers not to bring breakfast one day and delivered them a big basket of pastries and bakery treats.

She actually had a few parents put in so a few days later they sent the teachers a donut giftbox and coffees for morning tea! Dr Dough Donuts do same day orders and a flat rate delivery for $5 in Sydney!

Breaking up Gift Packs

Purchasing a pack of cute pens like these ones from Kikki K and adding them to something else small can be really cost-effective as well. We recommend add them to a digital download (like our Professional Development Diary).

Face masks and Choccies

As a teacher, I would love to receive a gift like this. The face masks from Go-To are my faves and you can buy them in a pack and split them up. The chocolate wrapper in this photo is actually one of our wine labels wrapped around a cadbury chocolate bar!

Ideas for the Men!

Male teachers are tricky, so we asked a few of our colleagues what they liked to receive when it came to gifts. Apparently, they get lots of mugs (no wonder the mug cupboard is always so full in the staffroom!) Why not try coffee vouchers, alcohol (like Whiskey), an indoor plant or Westfield vouchers.

We hope this gives you some Christmas inspiration so you can thank a teacher in a way that they will love!

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