Create your own Positivity Pegs

Every time we post our message pegs on social media, teachers swarm the post with love and messages. Mostly, we get comments on how teachers love the positivity behind the pegs BUT they also wish we had a central list of ideas/messages that they could use to create their own.

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Well, we have listened and written this post especially for those educators who want to start creating a set of message pegs.

To save you some time, we have broken down what you need, the materials we use and have included a list of messages to get you started!

“This is an amazing idea. Simple to use with big impact” @littlewildflower.designs

What you will need:

  • Wooden pegs
  • Coloured markers

Simply get a packet of wooden pegs and some coloured markers and start creating. We use the kmart wooden pegs, since they don’t bleed too much into the wood. Alternatively, get some colourful pens and/or give them to your class to create their own positive message pegs to share with each other.

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What to do next?

Peg them to students bags, desk tags, book covers, lapels (there are so many possibilities), and spread positivity in your classroom.

We suggest creating a central spot to store your pegs to allow the kids to get in on the action and acknowledge each other too! ⁣

You could encourage students to pass the peg on if they notice someone in the class or encourage them to keep it as a reminder of how amazing they are.

Finally, allow students to take their peg home to share with their loved ones. It is lovely to create these positive connections between home and school. It is up to you if you want your students to keep their peg or if you would prefer it be returned and reused.

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Why do we love message pegs?

They are a simple and cheap idea that has a HUGE IMPACT on making students feel brave, loved, and seen in the classroom community.

They are also a way to build a culture of positive language in your classroom. Through modelling and teaching our students the importance of positivity, we are giving them a lifelong gift. Read more about the impact of positivity in the classroom here.

“Such a simple but powerful idea” @coll_condon

Here is a list of phrases you could write on the pegs:

  • Love your ideas today
  • You are brave
  • You are confident
  • You are smart
  • You showed grit today
  • You are a risk taker
  • You are kind
  • I saw you trying your best
  • You can do it!
  • Spotted being amazing
  • Spotted helping others
  • Spotted being kind
  • Thanks for being you!
  • You can do hard things
  • Great perseverance today!
  • Caring classmate
  • You are loved
  • You are valued
  • You are enough!
  • You made great choices today!
  • Best problem solver today
  • Amazing thinker!
  • Helpful classmate
  • Keep working hard
  • You were impressive today
  • You made my day

“Such a simple idea but with such huge impact on the children’s self esteem! Love love love it”

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Let us know if you create your own set of message pegs. Tag us on instagram, we love to see the things our amazing community are doing to support their students!

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