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First Year Teacher Resource Pack | New Teacher help | Beginning teacher guide


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The first year as a teacher can be a daunting one! Let us HELP YOU get organised and survive your first year with the ULTIMATE First Year Teacher Resource for beginning primary school teachers. This resource will help you with tips, hints, strategies and ideas.

We’ve collated notes, inspiration and relevant information you need all in one place so you can access everything at your fingertips!

This resource includes a range of helpful forms and checklists, as well as loads of tips we have learned throughout the years! Inside you will find useful checklists, printables for planning and lessons, reflection proformas, information about communicating with parents, report writing and more!

**Suitable for teachers all over the world. This resource has been created from the perspective of our teaching in Australia. Some terminology may be slightly different but all the information will be helpful to any first year teacher**

***British English Spelling***

How to use the First Year Teacher Resource Pack:

This resource is designed to provide you with a one-stop-shop to help you with all your questions and queries as a beginning teacher. It includes a range of preparation and planning checklists, easy to understand information about the general running of a classroom and a place to store teaching inspiration, ideas and reflections.

This document comes in colour and B&W printing options.


Included in First Year Teacher Resource Pack:

•Welcome to Teaching letter

Start Here

•Where to start guide

•Teacher Orientation page (NEW)

•To Do list

•Ideas brainstorm page

•Teaching goal proforma

•Important People contact list

•Useful Website list

•Things to remember for survival (NEW)

Organisational Checklists

•Teacher Supply checklist

•Student Supply wishlist

•Classroom Decoration checklist

•Classroom Management considerations

•Classroom Setup considerations

•Planning checklist

•Year at a Glance calendar

•Self care checklist

•End of the Year checklist (NEW)

The First Day

•What to do on the First Day guide

•Example First Day Plan

•Student Information Record proforma

•Parent Survey proforma

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

•Developing a Positive Class Environment guide

•Positive phone calls / emails proforma

•Positive notes to students proforma

•Developing Relationships (NEW)

Ability Grouping

•Ability Grouping guide

•Maths, Literacy, Reading group proformas

Assessment Tips (NEW)

•Types of Assessment

•Standardised Assessment

•Prep for National testing

•Specialist assessment

•Recording data

•Assessment suggestions

•Assessment planning tips

•Anecdotal notes + 2 templates

•Assessment and parents

•3 x Exit ticket templates

Marking & Reporting

•Tips for Marking Work

•Tips for Report Writing

•Report Writing Word Bank

•Example of Report General Comments

•Reporting to do list / checklist (NEW)

•Reporting Checklist Proforma

Communicating with Parents

•Communicating with Parents Guide

•Ideas for Positive teacher-parent communication (NEW)

•Tips for Parent-Teacher Interviews

•Parent Email Address proforma

•Parent-Teacher Conference form

Evaluations and Reflections

•Lesson/Teaching Evaluation checklist

•Unit Evaluation page

•Teaching Reflection (3 stars and a wish)

•Yearly Teaching Reflection


•”Pick Me Up” ideas

•What do I do when…. Guide

•HELP! Teacher Dictionary

•Motivational Quote cards

Inspiration and Notes

•Blank pages for note-taking

Printables & Practical Ideas

•Keeping Kids Busy guide

•‘Grab and Go activities’ (includes 8 print and use worksheets + All about Me task, 2 pretest proformas, Learning goal proformas, 100s and 120 number chart).

Distance Learning (New)

•Teacher tips

•Ideas to get started

•Family Fun choice board

This package includes everything you need to get organised for the school year and loads of tips and printables to help you along the way.


We are passionate about helping teachers at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope that this package helps you in your classroom this year!


❤️What people are saying about this resource ❤️

“An absolutely invaluable resource for Graduate Teachers, includes all the little things that are involved in teaching that you aren’t taught in University. I would be lost without it!” Jayde

❤️ “I have absolutely LOVED reading this first year survival kit during the school holidays! I now feel really calm and well prepared for my first year of teaching :) The checklists, goal setting pages and first day activities and ideas are AMAZING! “ Alexandra

❤️”This is absolutely brilliant!!! It is so comprehensive and has been the biggest help to me beginning my year at a new school as a graduate. Thank you so much for putting this together” Paige

❤️”Absolute lifesaver for my first year as a teacher! So many things in there that I wouldn’t have even thought about before!” Shondale

“This helped me so much! It was great to have all my questions answered in one place. Thank you!” Kerry


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Grade Level

Year 1 – 2, Year 3 – 4, Year 5 – 6

Resource Types

Teacher Guide, Worksheets / Printables

Teacher Resources

New Teachers, Pre-Service Teachers

Copyright of this material is reserved in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968. This purchase is for single classroom/home use only. Additional reproduction of part or all of this resource is prohibited without the written authority of Rainbow Sky Creations. All content and clip art in these files have been created by Rainbow Sky Creations and therefore remain the property of Rainbow Sky Creations.


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