A No-fail Place Value Game (That is Easily Differentiated)

Looking for a fun way to build students’ confidence and keep them engaged and learning in Maths? Keep reading for an awesome FREEBIE.


Place value is often the first thing concept we start with in Maths, and that’s because it is vital to assist with other learning in the curriculum.


We know as teachers that when students understand place value, it will make a world of difference in the success of other areas in mathematics.

“FUN FUN FUN! What an amazing game. You can use this game in many different way. I cant thank you enough for putting together this resource for an engagement and learning tool” Michelle (Grade 3)

A No-fail Place Value Game (That is Easily Differentiated) - Rainbow Sky Creations

We have all seen capable students make errors simply because they don’t have a solid understanding of place value.


So how do we turn this around?

In our opinion, there are 3 easy steps to help your students develop a strong understanding of place value:

  1. Explicitly teach and dedicate time to the concept of place value (especially at the beginning of the school year)

  2. Embed place value in other areas of Maths, so students start to make connections

  3. Develop fluency when it comes to understanding place value

The freebie we have for you today relates to the final of these 3 points – FLUENCY! (if you need or want extra help in the other two areas, we have helpful blog posts for you).

“This game fit perfectly within our Place Value Unit.” Lindsay (Grade 2)

A No-fail Place Value Game (That is Easily Differentiated) - Rainbow Sky Creations

Before we start, what is fluency?

Fluency is when students understand the concept of place value and are able to automatically apply this knowledge to calculations.

We know kids learn by:

  • Playing and having fun

  • Repeated practise

  • Hands-on learning experiences


This FREE resource is going to provide all those things for your students.

“My students were engaged in small groups while practicing place value. I used it as a center and every student commented how much this helped them!” Megan (Grade 3)

Inside this freebie we share:

☝️ 2-digit Place Value Wars / Face-off game

✌️ 3-digit Place Value Wars / Face-off game

🤟 4-digit Place Value Wars / Face-off game


And the best part is, you can download it today and start playing the games in your classroom tomorrow!


Get your hands on a copy by clicking here.

A No-fail Place Value Game (That is Easily Differentiated) - Rainbow Sky Creations

Differentiation made easy!

We know how varied different students’ abilities can be within one classroom. That is why we have included multiple versions of this place value game. Students can work on different-sized numbers, according to where they are at with their learning.


“This is nicely differentiated so that you could use it with multiple levels. You might just be comparing 2 digit numbers if that’s where your kids are, or it could be a 4 digit number, etc.” Amy (Grade 5)


Grab your copy here.

A No-fail Place Value Game (That is Easily Differentiated) - Rainbow Sky Creations

What other teachers are saying about this resource:


“My students loved this resource! They were engaged and had no trouble getting started. It didn’t take much time to prepare and it was easy to understand and use. Even my higher leveled students felt challenged and engaged! Thanks for all your hard work in producing such a wonderful resource.” Claudia (Grade 4)


“My kids love playing the UNO games in math centers. I love how it’s engaging and easy for them to do without my assistance PLUS reinforces math skills. “ Lynda (Grade 3)


“Again, another valuable resource from the girls at Rainbow Sky! Engaging, colourful and easy to use in many ways” Jo (grade 4/5)


“This resource is excellent and I use it in my maths rotations. It is fun, engaging and students learn through discussion and interaction.” Jacqui (Grade1/2)


“My students love using this resource for small groups. They are engaged and have a lot of fun with it. It also helps me because they are able to work independently while I work with another group.” Gricelda (Grade 5)


“My students loved using this game as part of their Maths rotation activities. As a teacher, it is great to have an activity that interests the learner, while also not producing any marking. Fab resource, thank you” Clare (Grade 2)

A No-fail Place Value Game (That is Easily Differentiated) - Rainbow Sky Creations

Forgot to download your freebie? Grab it here.

Wondering how to get more use out of the games in your classroom?!?!



  • Other teachers walking into your classroom during maths lessons wanting to know what’s your secret

  • Teaching maths lessons that target specific needs of each of your students

  • Incorporating simple systems where students are learning independently, allowing you to focus on learners in a small group

  • Your students settling quickly and calmly into Maths lessons

  • Teaching maths groups differentiated to your students’ skill level

  • A maths group program that is uncomplicated, easy to implement and stress-free!



Learn how to transform your lessons with maths groups so that you meet the learning needs of every student.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come join us and transform your MATHS GROUPS!


A No-fail Place Value Game (That is Easily Differentiated) - Rainbow Sky Creations


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