The BEST Christmas Math Lesson – and it is free!

I hope you are ready for the BEST Christmas Math lesson you will teach this year…

Last year, I created a Number of the Day (Christmas edition) for my students. I wanted to include some festive fun but still keep my lessons academic where I could.

Although I would love to be Christmas crafting listening to Mariah throughout the whole of December with my students, my inner teacher just can’t let my Math lessons go that easily! And so, the Number Christmas Tree was born!

Christmas Number of the Day

Keep reading to the end and you can grab this resource for free.

What is so great about this Christmas Math lesson?

This Christmas Math lesson is in fact a Number of the Day (but Christmas themed!)

As teachers, we tend to focus our key work on developing number skills at the beginning of the school year. However, strong numbers skills support our students to grow in all areas of Mathematics.

By continually working on these skills and building students’ confidence to work with numbers, you will be supporting their future learning in Math.

Not only that, this task requires fluency and rigour, is easily differentiated, all the while being fun for the students!

Christmas Number of the Day

Different ways you can use this Christmas Math lesson: 

  • Enlarge a copy and model / complete one as a class
  • Ask students to roll dice to come up with a number to work with
  • Allow students to work in pairs to complete the Christmas Math template
  • Complete and then create a Christmas Math display (a number alternative to a class Christmas Tree)
  • Differentiate by getting students to work with different-sized numbers (the resource includes templates for 2-digit, 3-digit and 4-digit numbers)
  • Get ‘Elf’ to deliver the activity to complete

Christmas Number of the Day

  • Use as a ‘number pre-test’ and pass onto the teachers for next year (this one is for our Southern Hemisphere friends)
  • Use as an informal assessment to inform you of where your students are at with their learning or if you have any class learning gaps you need to focus on.



This is a great Christmas Math lesson because it requires little prep (we know all teachers love that) and a scaffold for students to work independently, in a guided group or peer mentoring partnerships. Not only that…

This Christmas Math lesson is so easily differentiated because we have included multiple templates in the free pack!

Christmas Number of the Day

My students thoroughly enjoyed it and best of all it fed my inner Christmas loving spirit. I hope you and your students enjoy it too!

Grab this FREEBIE here


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