3 Amazing Freebies New Grad Teachers Need in Their Life

Congratulations, first-year teachers! You’ve made it through the rigorous journey of obtaining your teaching degree, and now you’re embarking on your very first year in the classroom. 

We know it can feel overwhelming at times, but fear not! We’re here to support you on your quest for teaching success! 

Who doesn’t like a freebie?! In this blog post, we share three fantastic freebies that will make your first few years smoother. These resources will provide clarity and have you saving time, engaging with students, and navigating the intricacies of classroom management. So, grab your coffee (or tea!) and let’s dive in!


Freebie 1: Surviving Your First Years Guide

This guide is best for when you begin your teaching job.

It includes:

🧑‍🏫 Steps to rock your first years in the classroom

✅ A Term Planning checklist

☀️ Activity suggestions for the first day back after the holidays

🎓 Accreditation info and…

📝 Our famous teacher ‘To Do’ list template!

Surviving-your-first-year-freebieClick here to access Surviving your First Years of Teaching.

Freebie 2: Advice From Teachers That Have Been There Before

Hindsight really can be insightful, but time travel is currently impossible. So, that is why we spoke to the experienced teachers in our community. We asked them one simple question: 

What do you wish you could tell yourself as a new teacher?

We compiled everything they shared with us into categories so it is easy to digest. Grab your copy to enjoy with a coffee here.

Advice-for-new-teachers-freebieClick here for all the advice from those that have been there before.

Freebie 3: Classroom Management 101

Wondering where to start with your classroom management? Should you be placing a bigger focus on relationships or routines? These are big questions, and there’s never one easy answer that fits all.


With a bit of clarity, a boost of confidence, and a clear outline – you can establish a positive classroom environment that you LOVE (so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by challenging student behaviours).


This FREE Classroom Management Workshop will give you the clarity and confidence you need to create your desired classroom climate. 

Classroom-management-free-mastercassClick here to access this video series.




Before you go, check out our free quiz to find out your teacher type!



As you embark on this exciting new chapter of your teaching career, remember that you’re not alone. Utilise the power of free resources to support your journey as a first-year teacher. Keep exploring, learning, and growing. You’ve got this!


Seeking more inspiration?

Tune into our Podcast episodes tailored for First Year Teaching…

3 Amazing Freebies New Grad Teachers Need in Their Life - Rainbow Sky Creations

3 Amazing Freebies New Grad Teachers Need in Their Life - Rainbow Sky Creations

3 Amazing Freebies New Grad Teachers Need in Their Life - Rainbow Sky Creations

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