Things Primary Teachers Need to Unsubscribe From (And Give Themselves a Break!)

Can we take a moment to appreciate the incredible job we do day in and day out as primary teachers? 

We’re like superheroes, shaping the minds of our little ones and keeping the chaos in check. But hey, even superheroes need a break sometimes, right? 

So, let’s talk about a few things we can unsubscribe from and make our lives a tad bit easier (and maybe even more enjoyable). Trust us, your sanity will thank you!


Unsubscribe from…Perfectionitis

Ah, the never-ending pursuit of perfection. We want every lesson plan to be a masterpiece and every display to be a work of art. But hey, guess what? It’s okay if your handwriting on the whiteboard looks more like hieroglyphics sometimes. Embrace the imperfections and remember that it’s the love and passion you bring to the classroom that truly matters.

There is a saying in the business world that can be helpful for our classrooms too – done is better than perfect! There is no such thing as perfect anyways!!!Perfection-is-a-unicorn-quote-RSC

Unsubscribe from…The Guilt Trip

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt guilty for taking a sick day or asking for help… 

Sadly, we all have! It’s time to unsubscribe from the teacher guilt trip. Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish—it’s necessary. So, if you’re feeling under the weather or drowning in a sea of paperwork, reach out to your fellow teachers or take a personal day. Your well-being matters too!



Unsubscribe from…Pinterest Overload

Oh, Pinterest, you wonderful source of inspiration and overwhelming ideas! While gathering ideas and resources is great, let’s not get lost in the Pinterest rabbit hole. 

You don’t have to create a Pinterest-perfect classroom that looks like it belongs in a magazine. Focus on what works for you and your students, and don’t let the pressure to recreate those amazing crafts stress you out.quote-your-classroom-doesn't-need-to-be-pinterest-perfect

Unsubscribe from…Comparisonitis

The grass is always greener on the other side—or so they say. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to other teachers. Mrs. Jones might have a beautifully organised desk, and Mr. Smith might have a knack for captivating storytelling, but you have your own unique strengths. 

Embrace your teaching style and know that you’re making a difference in your students’ lives.Quote-Today-i-will-celebrate-how-far-i've-come

Unsubscribe from…Email obsession

Do you check your emails first thing in the morning? Last thing at night? Find yourself constantly staring at your inbox throughout the day? Yep, we have been there too!!

It is time to unsubscribe from the email frenzy by setting boundaries. Allocate specific times to check and respond to emails, rather than allowing them to hijack your entire day. Your inbox can wait, but your sanity can’t!Alisha-with-laptopWe have a blog post about how we manage our emails here. 


Unsubscribe from…The full bag merry-go-round

Ever taken home assessments to mark? Lessons to plan? Books to check? – to find yourself bringing them back the very next day untouched?

We are very guilty of the full bag merry-go-round! You have the best intentions when you are bringing it all home but then life takes over (and as a result, we feel guilty about it). Time to unsubscribe!

It is ok not to take anything home and feel ok about it! Unless you are on a specific deadline (like writing reports) it will all be there waiting for you at school the following day. Rainbow-sky-creations-tote-bag

Just like unsubscribing in your real inbox, doing some ‘teacher unsubscribes’ can feel so good and give you that little more freedom you deserve. 


Let’s say no to the things that hold us back from enjoying our incredible profession to the fullest. Embrace imperfection, practice self-care, and remember that you’re doing an amazing job. Our little superheroes deserve a teacher who can bring their A-game while also enjoying the journey!

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