Survive and Thrive: The Ultimate Resource Pack for First-Year Teachers

Congratulations on embarking on your first year as a teacher! We understand this is a challenging yet exciting time for you, so we want to help you survive and thrive through your first year. 


Introducing our Ultimate Survival Pack for Beginning Primary School Teachers. 


This comprehensive resource is designed to help you get organised and survive your first year of teaching. We’ve collated notes, inspiration, and relevant information all in one place so you can access everything at your fingertips!


Inside, you’ll find a range of helpful forms, checklists, and loads of tips we have learned throughout the years. It includes information about:

  • General running of a classroom
  • Classroom management considerations
  • Planning checklists
  • Tips for marking work
  • Report writing
  • Communicating with parents
  • Evaluations and reflections
  • And so much more!


This resource is not just about providing information and ideas; it’s about helping you feel confident and prepared for the year ahead. 


As a new teacher, we know you’ll have many questions, so we’ve included a ‘HELP!’ section with tips and advice on what to do when things go wrong. Plus, motivational quote cards to help keep you inspired and motivated throughout the year.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some other First Year Teachers have to say:


First-year-survival-guide-testimonial First-year-survival-guide-testimonialFirst-year-survival-guide-testimonial First-year-survival-guide-testimonialFirst-year-survival-guide-testimonial



PS: Not Australian? Our resource has been created from the perspective of our teaching in Australia, but it’s suitable for teachers all over the world. Some terminology may be slightly different, but all the information will be helpful to any first-year teacher.


If you’re a new teacher feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to expect. Our Ultimate Survival Pack for Beginning Primary School Teachers is the perfect resource for your toolkit. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll feel confident and prepared to tackle your first year of teaching with ease!



Click here to view the First Year Survival Guide.

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