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3 Halloween Freebies – That Are Academically Focused!

Kids love celebrations of all kinds! So, it makes sense to try and integrate them into our classroom learning experiences. So let’s talk about some Halloween freebies to that can help up do exactly that!

In my teaching experience, I never seem to have time to add in fun activities based on holidays or world celebrations because my program is already too full with all the other things I am expected to teach (can you relate?)

The solution to this problem is finding a compromise by implementing theme-based lessons in the classroom but keeping them academically focused and not an ‘added extra’.

Here are three FREE Halloween lesson ideas that are content-based and will help keep your classroom fun and spooky this October:

1. Read about the History of Halloween in Guided/Reciprocal Reading

Teaching students that reading for a purpose and also for enjoyment is important. This task integrates both these concepts. Dedicate a week of reading groups to this reading passage, and research task which will guarantee to spark enthusiasm and curiosity about learning a little bit of spooky history.

2. Spark Curiosity with Halloween-themed Discussion Topics

Halloween is an excellent discussion point for kids. A regularly used website in my classroom is Wonderopolis. To start the morning, or for transitions between lessons, put a picture up on the interactive whiteboard and listen to the discussion begin amongst the class. Each image is linked to a question, and if you must know the answer, Wonderopolis has done all the research for you!

Halloween freebie


3. Spooky Number of the Day

This ready-to-go Math lesson based on number sense will have students practising their number skills. It is also an ideal assessment, lesson warmup, math rotation task or revision lesson.

We love number of the day because:

  • It is perfect for Math workshop / rotations
  • Can be used as a warmup or quick assessment
  • Students can complete it independently
  • Students can all be working on a different number simultaneously – hello differentiation
Halloween Number of the Day - Halloween freebie


By making a few tweaks to your program, you will be able to integrate a Halloween theme in your classroom without making too big a detour from the outcomes you are expected to teach. More importantly, your students will no doubt be excited about the themed activities and their learning.

Are you looking for some other academically focused Halloween resources? Check out our Halloween-themed Math Centre Packs:

Halloween Math Yr 1-2Halloween Math Activities

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