Halloween Maths Fun: Spooky Chatterboxes for Every Classroom!

Can you believe it’s October? And you know what that means – Halloween is just around the corner.


With Halloween creeping up for another year, we’ve got something that’ll make your math classes spooktacular during October – Halloween Math Chatterboxes!


Yep, you read that right. These aren’t just any chatterboxes; they’re your secret weapon for teaching multiplication in October!

(If you teach a younger grade, we have a number bonds set as well).

Halloween multiplication chatterboxes

Why You and Your Students Will Love Them:

1. Engaging Learning

These chatterboxes will turn a regular maths lesson into a haunted adventure! Kids won’t just learn; they’ll be totally hooked by making and playing with them.

“I never knew such a simple activity could entertain and help my students practice their multiplication facts so much.” Linda


2. Perfect for Every Situation

Whether it’s a full-blown multiplication lesson, a quick warm-up, a fun rotation task, a fast-finisher challenge, or even homework – these chatterboxes will be a winner. They bring a burst of excitement to any classroom scenario.

x5 Halloween Chatterbox

3. Personalised Learning

We’ve covered tables from 2 to 12, so students can focus on the ones they need most. You can even let them choose their challenges, making it a super personalised learning experience. Plus, there’s a blank template for creative minds to create their own math puzzles!

If you teach younger students, we have ready-to-print chatterboxes for number bonds (+ and -) to 10, 20, 100 and odd and even numbers.

Halloween chatterboxes Odd and even

4. No Prep Stress

Seriously, no extra work for you! Just print these chatterboxes, and voila! Your students are all set for a fun maths session. It’s effortless teaching with maximum fun. Hello, fine motor skill building at the same time.

Halloween chatterbox


How to Make the Most of Halloween Chatterboxes:

Picture this: your classroom is buzzing with excitement as kids dive into these Halloween-themed math challenges. From multiplication basics to tricky tables, they’ll tackle it, peer mentoring each other, all while having a ball.

“I loved this creative resource! Thank you, my students wanted to play with it over and over.” Kayla


1. Interactive Learning

Encourage students to work in pairs or small groups. They can quiz each other, challenge their friends, and support one another while learning.

Halloween timestable Chatterboxes

2. Creative Homework

Send these chatterboxes home for spooky multiplication fun. Parents will love the engaging approach to learning, and kids will eagerly practice at home.

“I purchased this resource with the idea of using it for math centers in class but realized I could send them home with the kids as a fun way to practice math fluency. Oh my goodness the kids were so excited to see them in their mailboxes!

The next day, I had so many students report to me that they played with all members of their families and were even using them to help their younger siblings with math! Thank you for this resource- it has helped my students in ways I couldn’t have even imagined!” Emily

3. Halloween Maths Party

Dedicate a whole class lesson to Halloween maths madness. Decorate the classroom, wear costumes, and let these chatterboxes be the highlight of your spooky maths party (we also have some maths centre ideas for this, too – click here).

Halloween chatterboxes number bonds

What Makes These Chatterboxes Special:

Differentiation made easy

Tailored templates from x2 to x12 mean your students can work on the times tables they need most.

Perfect for busy teachers

No need for extra prep – just print and let the learning begin! We know how busy teachers are; these will provide the fun and the rigour for less teacher brain power!

“I loved this resource because it made my preparation quick and efficient.” Pinky Marie Milar

Boost Multiplication Fluency

Halloween excitement + focused learning = multiplication mastery! Watch your students’ confidence grow as they tackle times tables with enthusiasm.

x7 Halloween chatterbox

Don’t take our word for it – What other teachers like you think of these spooky chatterboxes:

“These were such a hit. I couldn’t print them off fast enough for my students! Thanks for an engaging activity during the lead up to Halloween!” Shari

“My students absolutely loved this resource’ Danielle

“My students love reviewing their multiplication facts with this resource. I love that they are having fun and don’t even realize they are learning.” Amber R

“My students loved this as extra practice the day of Halloween. Halloween on a Monday this was a life-saver. Students even continue to pull them out to play with friends and practice their facts. They kept asking to make more and more.’ Krystal

“I love this resource and the ease with which I can use it with my students! It is engaging and helps deliver content in such a way that my students enjoy learning.” Tiffany

“This resource is so much fun! It encourages my students to review the multiplication facts in an engaging way. They can work independently during math workshop. I use it as a centre, or for early finishers who need to practice math fluency.” Gricelda

x5 Halloween Chatterbox


So, why wait? Embrace the Halloween spirit in your classroom and make learning multiplication a hauntingly good time. Use these chatterboxes and watch your students multiply their maths skills while having fun learning.


If you need a copy of these chatterboxes in your life, click the images below:

Timestable Halloween chatterbox cover
Fluency chatterbox cover


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