The Ultimate 2023 Advent Calendar for Teachers

Did someone say Advent Calendar for Teachers?!!

Advent calendar for teachers

Do you remember the thrill of opening a door on the advent calendar each December morning as a child? The anticipation of what would be behind each tiny door brought joy every single morning. Each small surprise, added to the growing excitement of the festive season. 


This year, we’re recreating that same sense of excitement and anticipation, but in a way that brings joy to your professional life as a teacher.

We’ve come together with a few friends to bring you the 2023 Advent Calendar for Teachers – a unique twist on this beloved holiday tradition, tailored specifically for educators like you.

Advent calendar for teachers


Just as each door on the traditional advent calendar revealed a small token of holiday cheer, each day of the Teacher Advent Calendar unveils a new resource for your classroom. 


And these aren’t just ordinary resources. They are carefully curated tools designed to invigorate your teaching and captivate your students.


Imagine the joy of discovering a new teaching strategy, a creative activity, or an innovative lesson plan every day for 25 days. This calendar is more than a collection of resources; it’s a celebration of the creativity and dedication that you bring to your classroom every day. It’s our way of adding a little extra sparkle to your teaching journey during the holiday season and beyond.


Did we have you at Advent Calendar? Get your copy here.

Teacher gift ideas

Here are the details for our 2023 Advent Calendar for Teachers:

Unwrapping the Magic

Grade 2-3 teachers, imagine the thrill of opening a door (email) each day in December, unveiling a specially curated surprise just for you. It’s not just any surprise; it’s a treasure trove of resources tailored to make your teaching journey even more extraordinary.

The calendar includes 25 amazing resources at your fingertips.

Here are some clues of what you will get:

  • Use me all year long to get your students’ brains warmed up and ready for numbers!
  • Use this tool to elevate student writing, boost independence, and get your morning off to an organised start!
  • This resource will squeeze in some snowy science while students practice paired passage comprehension!

Advent calendar for teachers

What is inside the Teacher Advent Calendar?

This extraordinary calendar isn’t just about the joy of unwrapping; it’s about the joy of learning. Dive into a world of ELA, Math, Science, Classroom Management, and more!

Focused on the unique needs of 2nd and 3rd-grade classrooms, these resources are your secret weapons for engaging lessons, differentiated learning, and classroom success.

Advent calendar for teachers

How the Teacher Advent Calendar works:

Once you’ve secured your Teacher Advent Calendar, the anticipation builds…. 


Starting December 1st, a confirmation email marks the beginning of your daily download delight. Each day, a new resource is unveiled, adding to your collection until you have the full set of 25.


PLUS, there is no need to pack away the cheer, the resources included aren’t all seasonal! The Secret Santa team has handpicked materials designed for you to use with your students all year-round. 

Advent calendar for teachers

A Sneak Peek into the Teacher Advent Calendar:

We won’t spoil the surprise entirely, but expect an array of resources covering grammar, place value, writing, craftivities, morning work, and beyond.

The Teacher Advent Calendar is designed to keep your teaching toolkit fresh, exciting, and ready for anything the school year throws at you.

Advent calendar for teachers

So, as we count down to the holidays, let’s also count down to a new year of inspired teaching and engaged learning with the 2023 Advent Calendar for Teachers. Let’s bring the magic of those childhood December mornings into your classroom, one day at a time.


Secure your 2023 Advent Calendar for Teachers here. 

Teacher gift ideas


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