3 Things You Need to STOP Doing as a New Teacher

Are you drowning in everything that is expected of you as a classroom teacher?

We promise it’s not just you…. we see this all the time with smart, creative teachers new to the profession who are left to fend for themselves without clear guidance or support.

And we’re definitely here to say that the struggle is real.

This is a huge problem for so many early career teachers simply because you’re expected to go straight from university knowing the ins and outs of how life in the classroom operates – on your own!

That is why we’re here and do what we do…

If there’s one thing teachers DON’T have, it’s enough time.

So here are 3 things you’ll want to stop doing immediately if you don’t have a minute to waste:


1. You’re comparing yourself to other teachers!

It’s okay if your classroom isn’t decked out in a colour-coordinated theme or you have a mismatch of coloured trays, boxes or stationery.

“Teaching is a marathon, not a sprint – each day, term, and year you are building on your teaching toolkit.” Rainbow Sky Creations


Focus on your class and make small steps to transform into the teacher you want to be! They say comparison is the thief of joy, and it really is true. Keep yourself in your own lane and put blinkers on with what everyone else is doing.

3 Things You Need to STOP Doing as a New Teacher - Rainbow Sky Creations

2. You’re making lesson plans, resources, and programs from scratch!

You don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel. Use what is already available to you – other colleagues’ programs, a lesson program you taught during prac or invest and purchase a unit of work.

While we are talking lesson plans, remember that not every lesson needs to have all the bells and whistles. We often tell the teachers inside our membership, Transform your First Years, that ‘no frills lessons’ are fine too. In fact, they are necessary to get by without working yourself into burnout.

3 Things You Need to STOP Doing as a New Teacher - Rainbow Sky Creations

3. You’re trying to do it on your own!

The biggest reason we see new teachers struggling with overwhelm is that they’re trying to figure it out on their own. Be bold and ask that question if you’re not sure or need help.

We know, it can be scary to ask, especially when you want your colleagues to think you know what you are doing (yep, we have been there ourselves). Try to find someone you trust on staff to ask those sticky questions. There are also lots of wonderful online communities where you can find support.

3 Things You Need to STOP Doing as a New Teacher - Rainbow Sky Creations

If a community is something you are looking for, join the waitlist for Transform Your First Years. It is our membership ONLY FOR beginning teachers.

We helped countless teachers get on top of their teaching workload and supercharge their teacher toolkit... without overwhelm or confusion, like Caitlyn:

“It’s been worth more than my 4 years at uni! The realness and openness of both Alisha and Ashleigh shine a light on ‘real life’ teaching that uni just doesn’t quite cover. As a visual and hands-on learner, I’ll be forever grateful for that!” Caitlyn – Year 2 Teacher

Learn more about Transform your First Years here.

There is so much TO DO as teachers that we often don’t give time to what we need to give up. Time to say goodbye to comparison, planning from scratch and trying to do it all yourself – we are your biggest cheerleaders and are here to help you!

Love Alisha and Ashleigh

Before you go, grab this freebie we have written by teachers, for new teachers!

3 Things You Need to STOP Doing as a New Teacher - Rainbow Sky Creations

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