7. Here’s How to Survive the End of the School Year

Alisha and Ashleigh throwing confetti

It’s beginning to look a lot like chaos leading to the end of the school year. For us in Australia, the weather is warming up, and summer holidays are on the horizon, but there are assessments to complete, reports to finalise and Christmas activities to organise.

Let’s talk about effective activities and strategies to help you make it to the finish line.

Teacher Strategies

  • Make a master list and tick 1-2 things off per day
  • Choose an area of the room to tackle each day
  • Map out all the extra events so you feel prepared
  • Put time aside for quality time with students
  • Balloon pop as a countdown – (check episode 6 for more ideas)
  • Keep up with routine – reading and maths groups, but make them festive

Student Activities

  • Christmas thief code cracker
  • Christmas chains
  • Christmas creative thinking tasks (student voice and choice)
  • Kindness campaign as Christmas

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