8. Practical Ways to Foster Kindness in the Classroom This Christmas

Ways to promote kindness during Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving. Kindness is a wonderful way to give to others without costing a cent, so it makes sense to foster such an important value in your classroom during this time of the year.

Here are 7 helpful and simple ideas on how you can foster kindness in the classroom this Christmas:

  • Daily Reminders
  • Dedicating a specific lesson about Kindness
  • Kindness Advent Calendar
  • Make Kindness Baubles
  • Create Kindness Compliment Wreaths
  • Run a Kindness Kris Kringle
  • Kindness Campaign Flyers

Christmas is the perfect time to explore and reflect upon how our students can contribute to the world by being kind. And best of all, during the most expensive time of year, kindness is FREE!

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