A Fun End of Year Tradition – Create a Balloon Pop Countdown

This is a popular tradition you may have seen on the socials when teachers and students are counting down until the end of the school year.

Want to create one of your own? This is how you do it:



1. Designate a space for the balloon pop countdown. It could be a bulletin board or even your class whiteboard (if you don’t need it).

2. Give it a title (we have included one for you free to download at the end of this post)

3. Blow up your balloons and number them (the amount will depend on how many days left you have of school).

4. Secure your balloons, under your title with sticky tape.

5. Get ready to countdown! It really is THAT EASY!

Note: In years past, we have started our balloon countdown with 10 days left of school. We would suggest starting with no less than 5!

Balloon Pop Countdown Display for the end of the year

Get fancy:

To give your balloon pop a little more substance, you could put a note with a different activity for the whole class to do inside each balloon. To do this, place the note inside the balloon before you blow it up.

When choosing what activity to do, we like to do a mini-lesson where students brainstorm the activities. For example, is it an activity we did in the year they’d like to do again or is it something they have wanted to do? We found STEM activities were always a winner. Or activities which utilise the scrap paper or left over art supplies.

As the teacher, you can always overrule the final decision depending on how much mess you can handle.

Our Christmas creative thinking pack has so many fun activities which are perfect if you are stuck for ideas.

Or you could add one of our kindness baubles inside each balloon and focus on an act of kindness each day.

Having some fun with your students is always one of the best parts of wrapping up the school year! Let us know if you give the Balloon Pop a go in your classroom!

Balloon Pop Countdown Display for the Classroom

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