25. Engaging + Easy Activities for the First Day Back After Term Break

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We are dropping this episode a little early to help you get organised – If you’ve been thinking about some fun, easy activities to start the new school term on that first day after the holidays? This episode is just what you need!

The first day back after a school break can be challenging for everyone – teachers and students! We are, more likely than not, in holiday mode. The first day is the perfect time to reconnect with your class, find out about their holidays, reestablish the expectations of learning/working habits, and have a bit of fun together.

In today’s episode, we brainstorm easy activities that have worked for us that you may like to use in your classroom, too:

  • Icebreaker games such as 2 Truths and a Lie
  • Ways to refresh your students about how to work together as a team
  • Getting your students writing/drawing beyond the typical holiday recount
  • Play holiday bingo
  • Create a 3D display for the classroom
  • Make it a theme day eg, Growth Mindset or Kindness

These are some favourites we have used in our classroom over the years. We hope your students enjoy them, too!


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Rainbows ahead,

Ashleigh and Alisha


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