24. The Nitty Gritty of Classroom Procedures and Routines With Emily & Heidi

Classroom procedures

Classroom routines and procedures can be the magic link that can help your classroom run smoothly. They not only help build your class community and get your students working as a team, but they can save you so much time in your day when done well.


Today, we chat with Heidi and Emily from the Teacher Approved Podcast. They are passionate about helping teachers set up classroom routines and procedures to help with classroom management success.


In this episode we unpack classroom procedures:

  • How can teachers design effective and efficient procedures?
  • How can teachers clearly communicate their expectations when it comes to routines? 
  • The 4 T’s when it comes to explicitly teaching your students about these routines. 
  • Why is it worth investing time to teach procedures when there is so much academic curriculum to cover?
  • If teachers didn’t explicitly teach their procedures at the start of the school year, is it too late to do it mid-year? 
  • What can teachers do when students start to get sloppy with the procedures they’re expected to follow?
  • The role feedback and reflection play in improving classroom procedures and routines.


Setting up classroom routines can make your teacher life so much easier – and this episode will help you do that!


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About today’s guests:

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time to be the kind of teacher you know you could be? Co-hosts (and sisters!) Heidi and Emily of Second Story Window are here to help you elevate what matters and simplify the rest. Join them as they share research-based and teacher-approved strategies to make your teaching more efficient and more effective than ever before. 



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