15. Here’s Our Top 5 Free Back to School Activities

The back to school season brings teachers an endless list of considerations. If you are like us, you’ve got lists, ideas, and school things buzzing in your head most of the time!

Beyond the classroom setup and all the back-to-school admin,  it is also super important to spend time planning fun and helpful lessons for your students in the first week. Because, as you know, the students are the heart of our classrooms!

Here are 5 FREE back to school activities you can use during that first week:

  1. Classroom Detective
  2. Number of the Day
  3. We All Smile in the Same Language Banner
  4. A Little Bit About Me (paper and digital)
  5. BONUS: All About Me Easels

Use the code PICKLE to get the resource, All About Me 3D easels for FREE at the checkout – Valid until Feb 5th, 2024.

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You can access more teacher strategies, classroom inspiration and a wealth of resources by visiting our website  www.rainbowskycreations.com.

Rainbows ahead,

💕 Ashleigh and Alisha

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