14. Let’s Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

Let's kick imposter syndrome

It’s time for you to kick imposter syndrome to the curb. That train of thought isn’t doing you any favours. The good news is you are in the right place to do just that!

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what you are doing? Do you feel you aren’t qualified or have enough experience for your job? Do you think soon enough my colleagues are going to discover you’re not doing an excellent job and it is all going to be over?


Today, we share our experiences and give you strategies that have helped us kick imposter syndrome, including:

  • Sharing feelings
  • Finding a trusted mentor
  • Knowing it is ok to fail (and grow from it)
  • Keeping a folder of positivity
  • Learning that perfection is a unicorn
  • Celebrating successes
  • Using positive affirmations to combat ugly thoughts


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Rainbows ahead,

💕 Ashleigh and Alisha

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