16. First Year Teaching Adventures with Maddi: Insights, Struggles, and Passion

First year teaching

In this episode, Ashleigh chats with Maddi, a teacher who has just finished her first year teaching in a Year 1-2 class.

We wanted to ask Maddi how she found her first year, her struggles, and if she had any advice for those who will walk in her shoes as a first year teacher this year.

Maddi shares so many insightful ideas, including her powerful ‘why’ that explains why she became a teacher in the first place.

Maddi’s enthusiasm and passion shine through; we are sure you will love this episode!

If you know a teacher just starting that would find this episode helpful, please share it with them so we can help as many teachers as possible!

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Rainbows ahead,

💕 Ashleigh and Alisha

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