Be a Bucket Filler!

There is nothing more satisfying than giving someone a sincere compliment and seeing their face light up! Empathy, compassion and understanding others are so important, and what better way to teach the concept than with out latest freebie!



Click the image below to get a free copy of, How to be a Bucket Filler.

Be a Bucket Filler! - Rainbow Sky Creations


When teaching this lesson we like to start with any of these stories.


How to set up your students’ buckets?

You could use brown paper bags, envelopes or have them make their own envelopes with coloured paper. Make sure students put their names clearly on the front. 


If students have allocated seating they could tape their ‘bucket’ to their table. Alternatively, find a spot where you can string the buckets up and hold them in place with pegs or attach them to a wall or window.


We suggest starting with a ‘bucket filler strip’ for students to become familiar with positive and encouraging sentence starters..



Be a Bucket Filler! - Rainbow Sky Creations

Student then deliver their bucket filler messages to their friends and classmate’s paper bags.

Finally, find a quiet moment to read your messages. You might even want to thank the person when you see them next!


Find our FREE Bucket Filler Resource here!



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