5 displays for your classroom that are FREE

Need something a little extra for your classroom?

Setting up a classroom is a big job; sometimes, you need just a little something to add to a space. Research shows that positive quotes and words of motivation are an important part of a classroom environment.

We have even spotted some of these free displays in staff rooms (happy dance!).


While you are here and discussing best practices, these 5 research-based tips for decorating your classroom are worth noting.

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So, let’s dive in. Here are 5 freebies that you can print and have on your classroom or hallway walls within a few clicks (all resources + photos are linked below):

1. “We all smile in the same language” quote

Click here to view this freebie.

Why display it?

  • Supports inclusion in your classroom
  • Reminds students that communication and kindness can be non-verbal
  • Will complement cultural inclusion literature, lessons, units or special events (such as Harmony Week) you teach throughout the year.


“I had this up on my wall for part of the school year. I received many compliments on it. I will definitely use it again next year!” Nicole

2. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” quote

Click here to view this freebie

Why display it?

  • A visual reminder that we need to treat each other with kindness and respect
  • Can be used as a class or school motto
  • We are teaching students that being kind is an essential part of being a world citizen.


“A great reminder for students to see everyday! Thank you so much for this free resource!” Lindsay

3. Splash positive affirmation posters

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Click here to view this freebie

Why display it?

  • Can be used as daily affirmations
  • A way to encourage positive internal dialogue or positive self-talk in your students
  • Another way to show your students that you think they are important and valued classroom community members.


“I love the positive messages and they seem to motivate my students to do their best.” Cathy

4. Watercolour motivation posters

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Click here to view this freebie

Why display it?

  • A colourful way to show and remind students that they are a vital ingredient in the classroom.
  • Can be used as a daily or weekly focus (choosing one poster to share and talk about)
  • Messages are short and sweet – they are a great way to reframe or inspire students.


“Great motivation for my students and for ME!” Barbara

5. Future world changers door display

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Click here to view this freebie

Why display it?

  • Encourages students to share their hopes, and your classroom is a space where dreams are heard and valued.
  • Can be used on the door or a wall in your classroom
  • Awesome way to add photos of your students in the shared classroom space.


“LOVE THIS – my board looks amazing!” Amy



We hope that these brighten your classroom and inspire learning among your students. If you decide to use any of them, take a snap and share on Instagram – make sure you tag us because we love seeing how teachers bring these ideas to life!

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