Successfully Starting Your Teaching Job Application Journey

Are you a newly graduated? Moving to a new location or school? Or wanting to take on a new position at your current school? These are all reasons why you may be facing the teaching job application process.

We have been there and know how daunting it can feel – but don’t worry; we are here to help you!

What exactly do you need to do and get organised when looking for and applying for teaching jobs?

The perfect place to start is here…

Our 3 tips for navigating the teaching job application process with confidence and ease:

Get your paperwork ready

To begin, make sure you have the following items ready and templates created to get you started in the process of finding and scoring your dream teaching job:

  • Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Resume.
  • An introductory Cover letter that you can change and adapt according to the job application.
  • Some basic answers drafted for jobs that require extended responses to Key Selection Criteria (this is not applicable for all roles or states).
  • Have a copy of the Teaching Standards for you to use and refer to during your preparations.

We have written a guide with tips and examples to help you nut out all of the finer details of these paperwork items. You can find it here.

Teaching job guide

Tip: If you are a new grad, refer to your prac reports for inspiration on your strengths and achievements as a teacher to date.

Where to look for job opportunities

We always like to say there isn’t a one size fits all approach to finding jobs (or teaching as a whole). Often job opportunities can arise from out of the box circumstances, so it is important to keep your mind open.

Here are some of the different avenues you can take to score a teaching job:

  • Online advertisements
  • Get in touch with previous schools where you did practicum.
  • Word of mouth from colleagues or teaching friends
  • Casual work turned into a more permanent position
  • Some private or independent schools advertise on their website
  • Job fairs (especially for overseas roles). Read more about teaching abroad here
  • Teaching/recruitment agency
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Prepare your Mindset

Like many things in life, job hunting in the teaching world comes with its highs and lows. Be prepared for some big feelings: worry, nerves, disappointment, excitement and so on.

Having a positive mindset can make a big difference in the way you approach applying for jobs and the vibe you give off to future employers or colleagues.

Some strategies we use to keep a positive mindset include:

  • Keeping a daily gratitude journal.
  • Using positive affirmations (especially before significant events like a job interview).
  • Reminding ourselves that one disappointment is just a stepping stone towards a better fit.
  • When reflecting on applications or interviews, focus on three positive thoughts to every negative thought.
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Starting the process of applying for teaching jobs can be a step out of your comfort zone. However, it is a step towards the vocation or school of your dreams to make an impact and difference in the lives of many young children. Keep the WHY at the forefront of your mind and remember, YOU HAVE GOT THIS!

For more job application help and a copy of our fun Job Hunt Bingo, check out this FREEBIE! test alt text
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If you want to dive deeper and have examples, mock interview questions and more at your fingertips, check out our Dream Job Guide.
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