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Back in March, we wrote our first blog post on the topic of school closures and how you could prepare as a teacher if something as crazy as a school closing were to happen!! Fast forward a few months and here we are, still deep in a world health pandemic with schools closing just becoming a normal part of 2020.

We have continued to write about distance learning and the changes in educational life because it is important to us that we help teachers where we can.

We know teachers all over the world are in different places in regard to how their classrooms look, how they are tackling remote learning, or supporting their students’ wellbeing after being away from school for a while. So we decided to put all our blog posts that would be of help to you here in one place to make them easier to find.

Pick and choose to read what suits your situation best. We hope they are helpful:

For Teachers

Distance Learning Tips for Teachers

10 Google Classroom Hacks

Supporting Student Wellbeing

Tips for Kindergarten Teachers

Outdoor Maths Games Kids will Love

Planning for School Closures

To share with Parents

8 Ways to Survive Learning at Home

Parent Tips for Distance Learning

Awesome Ways to use UNO Cards for Learning

Ways to use Building Blocks in Maths

Recycling Old Games for Learning

And finally, one to remember how important you are: Why Teachers are the Ultimate ‘Influencers!’

Above all, please remember, that you as an educator are making a difference in our world. It may not be easy but the children in your care will certainly remember how you made life better for them when they look back at 2020 as a year history will remember.

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