How to Print on Sticky Notes

Printing on sticky notes is a fun way to communicate with your students, parents or staff members, and even though it looks tricky – actually it is quite simple!


There are so many ways you can use printable sticky notes at school, including:

  • Leaving positive messages for students
  • Thank you notes for parents or colleagues
  • As a simple Exit Tickets (read more about exit tickets here)
  • For editing or self-regulation checklists
  • Assessments
  • Goal setting
  • Birthday messages
  • Homework feedback
  • Success criteria
  • Teacher to-do lists to pop in your diary
  • A way to stay organised or label photocopies

and the list goes on…!


So want to get in on the sticky note printing action? Here is how you do it (we have also included a little freebie, at the end to get you started!)

1. Print the sticky note template, this is your master copy (we have included the template in our freebie at the end of this post).


2. Either design your message or images you want to go on each sticky note and add them to the template OR use the positive messages we have provided for you.


3. Place the sticky notes inside the boxes of your sticky note master template. (Tip: peel the sticky notes from the side to help reduce having a curly sticky note).


4. Insert the template with sticky notes into the printer/photocopier.


5. Print your document (the one you have designed or our messages).


6. Viola! You have fancy sticky notes to place on students learning, in student diaries, to keep you organised, or on colleagues’ desks etc.



See, we promised you it was super simple! If you give it a go, let us know how you use them or tag us in a photo on Instagram or Facebook.

Find our FREE template and positive sticky note designs here (Note: This doc has been designed for A4 paper and matches the general 3×3 sticky note size).

Hang on, before you click away…  wish  you  had  more  time  in  your  teacher  life?

Grab our freebie – 8 secrets to save time in your teaching week.

How to Print on Sticky Notes - Rainbow Sky Creations


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