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3 Alternatives to an ‘All about Me’ Worksheet

As primary teachers, we all know the ‘All About Me’ standard worksheet intimately. Want something a little different to the typical ‘All about me’ task this year? You have found it!

Being teachers for almost two decades (each!) we have done versions of that worksheet inside and out and in every way imaginable…

So that is the inspiration for this post. These 3 ideas are the same sort of lesson, with new fresh inspiration (plus they will most likely be new for your students too!)

1. Facts about Me cameras

Your students are guaranteed to love completing these cameras. They are scaffolded for your students, low prep for teachers and are going to brighten your classroom walls during the first week of school (double win right there!).

Finished products are also a great tool for speaking and listening games or to use as an icebreaker game.

“I love this so much! Thank you” – Kelly

“Immediately downloading… love these cameras” – Jo


Find the camera resource here.

2. All about Me easels

Yes, it’s an All About Me in a different format, BUT it is something a little bit different, a little bit crafty, and a little bit fun for kids! I knew these were a winner, when my son (7 years) asked what I was creating and could he do one too (yep, he is on school holidays but said it looked so fun!)

These All about me easels are the perfect back to school or first day of school lesson. They will get students writing and having fun and it is simple to prep for teachers as well.

“These are the cutest” – Caroline

“Shut up and take my money 😂 literally don’t even care I have already printed my other sheet. I’ll use it as scrap. I want this!” – Allie


Find the All About Me Easels here.

3. The Lucky Dip Game

This is a good one if you don’t want to dedicate a writing lesson to an ‘All About Me’ sheet but you still want to get to know your students and build class community.

Have a bag of coloured blocks, counters or if you want to make it more fun, sweets such as skittles, M&M’s or snakes. Sitting in a circle, students take turns to pull out a coloured object and answer the questions matched to the colour.

“This game is written in pen in my planner for the first day! A fun idea to get to know the kids in a non-threatening way” – Sarah

Find this game and other ready-to-print icebreakers here.

As they say, variety is the spice of life! We hope these 3 ideas help you spice up your back to school lessons as you get to know your new students!

Facts about Me Cameras

All About Me Easels

The Lucky Dip game

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