Father’s Day Gift ideas for Busy Teachers

If you’re anything like us, special events can become the last thing on your mind when planning lessons.

We’re here to drop by and let you know that it is Father’s Day is the first Sunday, in September in Australia – so it is time to get ready!

Do you need some quick, easy, but thoughtful ideas for amazing fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, wizzys (what my dad is affectionately known as🙊) or any other special male role model?

Here are 4 simple but fun suggestions :

1. You’re So Awesome Keyring

Create a keyring filled with amazing statements for students to show how much they love and appreciate their dad’s. We have had teacher’s report back saying they saw dads in the playground with their key rings on their keys the week after Father’s Day. Better still, these templates don’t contain the word “Dad” or “Father” so students can create them for any special person in their life.

Over the years, we have made these as key rings or even just tied paper versions. However you decide to create these, they make a special keepsake.


2. All Appout Dad

This is a thoughtful craft alternative to a card where students create tablet templates for their dads or other significant males. There are two versions available for the little and big kids (as well as versions that don’t include the word “dad”). This is one of our favourite go-to’s when Father’s Day sneaks up on us!

Check out this video if you want a closer look at what is underneath the tabs.


Grab a copy of ALL APPOUT DAD HERE.

3. A Free Foldable Father’s Day Booklet

A booklet consisting of 8 mini-pages to let fathers know how much they are loved and appreciated. As an extra element, get students to make something to accompany the booklet, such as a bake-free goodie, like bliss balls.

Get your hands on the FREE FATHER’S DAY BOOKLET HERE.

4. A coupon booklet

Get students using their technology skills to create a virtual or printed coupon booklet. We like to ask each child to make one and then compile the class set for each father. There are lots of websites out there that made graphic design easy and fun. We love using the free version of Canva.

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Hopefully, that has you covered for this year’s Father’s Day gift. Please let us know if you use any of these ideas. We love connecting with the teacher’s in our Rainbow Sky community!

Father’s Day resources mentioned in this blog post

(click the links to get your copy):

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All Appout You

You’re so Awesome Keyring craft

Father’s Day card / booklet (free)

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