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Are you the teacher that leaves dress up to the 11th hour? (Yep, that is usually us too!)

We are all about working SMARTER and not HARDER here at Rainbow Sky and we aren’t drawing the line at Book Week dress up!


This blog post is dedicated to the red and white striped t-shirt. Have you got this one item? Because, here are 5 different ways you can use it to dress up for Book Week this year (and for the next 4 years to come using this one shirt!)

1. The Obvious – Where’s Wally (Waldo)

This is probably the costume you have your red and white striped t-shirt for in the first place. Throw on some glasses, blue pants and a red beanie and instantly you are transformed into one of the most recognisable, yet ironically the hardest characters to find in the world.

2. Boy in How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

This is one of our favourite titles by Oliver Jeffers and love to use it to teach our students about having a growth mindset (read about it here). The main character in this story wears a red and white striped top and black pants (so simple). Bring the character to life by adding a rope bag with a star inside or a rocket if you want to get creative!

3. Boy in Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers

The boy in this story wears the same red and white stripes but also has a brown beanie (we found ours for $5 at a thrift shop). A penguin friend is the perfect accompaniment to this outfit.

4. Boy in The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

Are you noticing a pattern? Oliver Jeffers has the same character in many of his books (you could also dress up as the boy in ‘Lost and Found’ too!)

The boy in Way Back Home wears the same red and white t-shirt and a brown beanie. Add some tools or an alien toy to accessorise!

5. Jim with 2 noses from The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

Anything written by Julia Donaldson is recognisable and one of her characters in The Paper Dolls has a red and white top. The character is Jim with ‘2 noses’ – you could have some fun by getting creative with this.

If you like to dress up as a team with your colleagues, this is a good one because each of you could dress up like one of the paper dolls.

Bonus idea: Dinosaurs don’t have bedtimes by Timothy Knapman

We don’t know how well known or popular this one is, but this is currently Miss Lena’s (Alisha’s 2 year old) favourite book. We had to add it because it was such perfect timing for this post!

If none of this tickles your fancy, we have you covered with loads more simple book week dress up ideas here.

Psst: If you are dressing up as Where’s Wally… you NEED to read this easy way to inject some more FUN into your Book week celebrations!

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