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Back to School Ice Breaker Games | Ready-to-print ice-breakers


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8 ready-to-print icebreaker games that are going to help you get to know your students. Ice-breakers are great for the back to school season, to help learn about your new students and to help build class community!

Perfect to use as:

  • First Day of school activities
  • Lesson or brain breaks
  • Time fillers
  • As a lesson focused on class community

What is included:

• 8 ready-to-print icebreaker games

  1. Class detectives
  2. The lucky dip game
  3. Find a rainbow
  4. Picture match
  5. Name bingo
  6. Can you find someone who…
  7. Would you rather cards
  8. Icebreaker chatterbox

• Teacher guide

• 6 additional icebreaker ideas

Teacher prep: Very minimal prep needed!!!


❤️ What teachers say about this resource: ❤️

“These activities are a great way to give students a ‘brain break’ throughout the day” Beth

“These games are written in pen in my planner for the first week! Fun ideas to get to know the kids in a non-threatening way” – Sarah

We are passionate about helping teachers here at Rainbow Sky Creations. We hope that this resource helps you and your students!


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