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Tips for Positive Communication with Parents

You are a role model for the students in your class. When they come to school each day, they are more likely to learn if they are happy and comfortable in the classroom culture you have created. We strongly believe that positivity needs to flow from the classroom to home life as well. Getting parents on board and involved is a great way to develop a positive classroom environment as well as positive attitudes from your students towards school.

We so often only touch base with parents when there is a problem, whether it be academic, social or behavioural. When do we make the time to communicate with parents about what their children are doing well, outside normal parent-teacher interviews and reports?

We know, teacher life is hectically busy and this may seem like just another thing to fit in! Keeping this in mind, we have put together a few simple ideas for you to communicate with parents to celebrate their children that won’t take hours of your time:

* Give positive feedback to your students. Tell them you are proud of them!

* Leave a note in their diary, on their desk or give them a personalised card to share with a loved one at home.

* Make positive phone calls home (we have included a free printable for you). Too often we only call home when there is a problem. One 5-minute phone call to a different parent each week will really build positive relationships.

* Send a celebratory email to parents with a photo of their child in action.

Tips for Positive Communication with Parents - Rainbow Sky Creations

* Implement affirmations that accompany student work (we have started using these Growth mindset affirmations). Ask students to take their work and affirmations home to share with their parents.

* Open up your classroom for parents to come and visit. Your school may already organise open classrooms or student led conferences, if not, think about giving it a go.

* Ask students to write their parents a letter about something they are proud of achieving at school recently. This can double as your writing lesson for the day.



* Leave random positive messages on your students homework telling their parents you are proud of them and why (it doesn’t always have to be academic!)

* Consider using technology: A class blog to celebrate learning or a communication app such as ‘seesaw’ or class Dojo.

Positive communication is a vital parent of developing strong relationships with parents which ultimately benefits the students in your care.

Click here to grab your free Positive Phone Calls / Emails home list.

Tips for Positive Communication with Parents - Rainbow Sky Creations



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