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Rainbow Place Value Desk Charts | Mini Place Value Desk Tags


Product Details

Improve your students’ number reading, recording, and comprehension skills with these comprehensive place value desk charts. With a variety of 13 options to choose from, these charts are the ideal visual aids to support year-round learning on place value and the number system.

Empower your students with a practical and engaging resource that enhances their understanding of numbers and how they function. These place value desk charts are designed to foster a deeper grasp and solid foundation of the place value system.

Use these desk charts to assist with explicit instruction, small groups, independent learning or games.

Print a variety of place value charts to display on students’ desks, glued in books or have sets for activities and games.

These desk tags complement the Place Value Poster Set we have created for teachers to have on display and use as a teaching tool


Desk Charts Included:

  • Billions to thousandths ( Two versions)
  • 3-digits
  • 4-digits
  • 5-digits
  • 6-digits
  • 7-digits
  • 10-digits
  • Hundreds to hundredths
  • Thousands to hundredths
  • Thousands to thousandths
  • Ten thousands to thousandths

Simply print, laminate and use!

(If you don’t want to laminate – print on thicker paper)


❤️ What people are saying about this resource: ❤️

I use these everyday. They visually reinforce place value and are easy to read.” Peta

“This has been a great resource for my students to refer back to throughout the year. It has been especially helpful for estimating, rounding” Suzanna

“This has been such a helpful resource for my students in particular those who need the visual reminders of place value! Highly recommend!!” Alicia B

“This is such a great resource. I love how there are different options to choose from. The one with the arrows is my favorite desk one!” Gloria


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