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Number Activities Pack | Properties of Numbers | Year 5-6


Product Details

This comprehensive resource is designed to provide your students with a set of investigations that explore the properties of prime, composite, square and triangular numbers. These differentiated activities include hands-on games, collaborative, reflective and open-ended problem-solving tasks suitable for Grade 5 and 6. You will use this resource over and over.

Tasks included have been carefully created to meet the Australian curriculum outcomes for this grade level and will build proficiency, fluency, and confidence in allowing students to practice and develop their number skills. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on their success in other mathematical strands and overall enjoyment of mathematics.

All activities are designed to help students explore & investigate the properties of numbers.

Also available for the following grades:

Grade 1 Hands-on Number Pack

Grade 2 Hands-on Number Pack

Grade 3-4 Number Pack

How this Pack Works:

Activities are designed to use in ‘write and wipe sleeves’ or with mini whiteboards for students to record their thinking. Alternatively, we have also included a black and white version that would be better to print for students.

Activities can be used and differentiated for the whole class, used as components of numeracy rotations or intervention activities in small groups to support or extend students.

Every task has a learning intention for students to view.

Teacher note: Some tasks have been marked with a grey star. This indicates they are a little more difficult. We have done this to make differentiation for your students easier.

Skills covered:

  • Place Value and comparing numbers
  • Number Lines
  • Rounding and estimating
  • Triangular numbers
  • Square numbers
  • Prime numbers
  • Composite numbers

Australian Curriculum Links:






19 Differentiated Activities:

1. Number Sense cards

2. Number Line Mysteries

3. Rounding and Estimating

4. Triangular Detective 1

5. Triangular Detective 2

6. Triangular Detective 3

7. Square Detective 1

8. Square Detective 2

9. Square Detective 3

10. Prime number Hunt

11. Prime Magic investigation

12. Composite Magic investigation

13. Prime Number Hunt 1

14. Prime Number Hunt 2

15. This or that – Prime and Composite sort

16. Number Grids

17. State your case 1 and 0 –(collaborative/discussion tasks)

18. Break the rules investigation

19. Prime Maze 1, 2, and 3


Teacher differentiation guide

Assessment suggestions

Australian Curriculum links


❤️ What people say about this resource: ❤️

“Incredibly organized, well thought out, and super engaging! Did I mention that the students LOVE it and don’t even realize all the number sense skills they are building. Such a simple, brilliant idea!” AnneMarie

“Awesome – thanks. This was really helpful when catering for the different levels the children are working at” Olivia

“Absolutely love this pack. Use it during our Maths Rotations and the kids have a great time in small groups.” Chelsey


No further teacher prep needed, simply print, laminate, use and assess!

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