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Harmony Day/Harmony Week Flipbook | Grade 3-6 Australia


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This flipbook is for students to reflect upon Harmony Day or Harmony Week and what this important celebration means in our country. It focuses on cultural diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness of all Australians.

Harmony Day is celebrated in Australia on the 21st March. Harmony Day is still celebrated on March 21 but now the week leading up to the day is called Harmony Week. It is about celebrating cultural diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness of all Australians.


The flipbook has been set up with five categories for students to complete:

1. What is Harmony Day?

2. Respect

3. Get Social (social media summary)

4. Values and Attitudes

5. Making a Difference

A Harmony Week Flipbook version is included.

PLUS easy to follow teacher instructions

This flipbook is a great way to investigate the core values of Harmony Day and how students can contribute to a happier and peaceful world. They could even be used as a class display or as a learning keepsake for students.

Once printed and setup, students can complete flipbooks independently or with their peers.

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“Great activity to help students – younger and older – understand the meaning, significance and importance of Harmony Day. My year fives enjoyed the activity and conducting research, but equally enjoyed decorating the flipbook.” Caitlin

“Great resource for Harmony Day.” Dolina

“An amazing way to research and learn more in an interactive resource!” Lucy

“Great, lots of ideas to help students understand what this day is all about.” Kerry


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Harmony Day





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Year 3 – 4

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